Dealing with Notification Overload

Notifications are all over the place. I’m sure you wake up to a bunch every morning from socials, to DMs, to emails, and texts or calls. It’s an incredibly overwhelming state to wake up to at times. You may simply find yourself needing to get rid of the notification asap because it drives you insane! Maybe you even feel glued to your phone or computer because you’re terrified of not replying immediately.

Any of these sound like you?

You cannot be glued to your phone or computer. You simply need to also live life and implement boundaries for yourself and everyone else.

I did an experiment last year. My phone was getting a bunch of spam calls and it was driving me insane so I had to put my phone on silent. My mind thought I was missing all the things because I had instilled in myself that the phone was priority and that once it went off, I had to get it.

I found myself checking my phone even more than before because I didn’t want to miss calls and texts etc. It took a few weeks of my phone on silent 24/7 to get used to being ok with not knowing as soon as something came in.

Side note: alarms still go off if you are concerned about that!

I also implement turning my phone over, the phone’s assistant, and using alarms and timers. You will feel “out of control” for a bit, but after you get used to it, you’ve built the habit and your mind is on board, it’s actually peaceful. I get to choose when I’m interrupted with notifications instead of on demand.

Create slots in your day where you check your phone, emails, DMs, etc so they don’t pile up, but also create the peace that comes with that choice.

Some ways to lessen the amount of notifications
1. leave groups on Facebook that no longer serve you
2. turn off notifications in groups if you want to stay in there but decide when to interact
3. unfollow or delete friends you don’t like seeing content from or are toxic. [or snooze them for 30 days to test it out]
4. leave group messages that don’t serve you
5. check them at routine times throughout the day to avoid build up

And for those of you that get notification overwhelm really fast, this is a great way to not let those get out of hand too!

Plus you’re able to remain focused longer [hopefully] when you’re not being bombarded with notifications that either overwhelm you or you want to answer right away. If you’re a hopefully, grab my top focus tips! CLICK HERE.

Starting Strong and Losing Momentum

Why do I start out strong and motivated and then slowly fall flat!? This is one thing I’ve noticed in my own life, but also in the lives of the clients I work with.

As someone with ADHD & similar things, you thrive off dopamine which means you also thrive off things you love to do. You get super excited about something until the dopamine wears off. This coincides with forming habits too.

It’s incredibly difficult to form habits since it takes a minimum of 21 days to form a habit. Routines can start out strong and then fall flat because it’s boring or it’s not giving you what you had desired so you just exit stage right.

This leaves you in potential chaos with next to no routines, less than worthy feelings, and a spiral once again.

I used to beat myself up for this ALL THE TIME! However, that doesn’t get you anywhere. Now I look at things in a different light. What do I not like about this thing I’m trying to do? What am I struggling with?

That brings me to point number 2 - what are you struggling to do!? Unless you receive dopamine from figuring things out ALL THE TIME, this may be a road block too, making things even more frustrating.

So put on your thinking and problem solving hats and let’s get started!

Ask yourself these questions when you find yourself wanting to exit stage right again…

1. What don’t I like about this process?
2. What am I struggling to do in this process?
3. Do I feel alone in this process?
4. Do I need someone to bounce ideas off of?
5. Do I need to learn parts of the process?

Depending on your answers, you may need to enlist someone to help you stay working on the process until it’s a habit or the routine has structure. Not sure where to begin? Let’s have a coffee chat! I don’t want you staying stuck in this cycle! You have big plans for your life. Let’s remove the obstacles one step at a time. Schedule your coffee chat HERE.

5 Time Management Hacks I Use to Get Things Done

I know I am not alone in this battle against procrastination. It seems like every time you get the ball rolling, someone, or something (enter social media) gets your attention, and your to-do list goes out the window. I've been trying to find ways that work for me, so here are three hacks I use when dealing with procrastination that are tried and true game changers.

1. Create a detailed list of to-dos. These are your projects essentially. Now break them down into smaller steps. Highlight your top 5, those are your tasks for the day.

2. Have a start and end time as well as breaks, to your workday and stick to it. This ensures you have time for things you love, your family, and any other priorities.

3. Only schedule work for 4 days of the week allowing the 5th day to be for catch up. Things rarely go as planned and this way you succeed far greater!

4. Use a project management tool to keep your projects organized with the steps needed to complete them. Then check them off!

5. Put your phone on silent during your workday only looking at it on breaks to see what you missed. This allows you to focus on the tasks at hand with a clearer mind.

Staying organized and saving time are essential for everyone, but especially for you. To allow any of these to work above, you have to ensure you have your priorities set for the week. So, what is extremely important that is a non-negotiable? That is a priority.

It’s not quite ready yet because I want to ensure it’s amazing for you. So, comment below if you’d like to have my project management template for your biz and your life to get you off to the right start! Don’t wait, you’ll be notified when it’s ready!