You GET TO revolutionize your productivity with Karalee and the Capacity Club, embracing you, your amazing skills, ALL tailored to neurodivergent entrepreneurs like you.

You GET TO wave goodbye to overthinking, procrastination, and exhaustion - together, we'll have a plan of action, adapt your plan to your capacity, and have that accountability you long for.

No more Stresslaxing
(v.) Being stressed that relaxing makes you more stressed because you're not working on what's making you stressed.

You Get to Feeling Amazing By:

  • Evaluating Your Schedule AND Clearing The Clutter.
  • Creating a MONTHLY Plan of Action with Karalee!
  • Having Time To Connect, Do The Work, and Ask Questions.
  • A Quarterly Review of Your Business with Karalee!
  • Monthly Customized Challenge with Accountability.
  • Private 1:1 Support Directly with Karalee!

Meet Karalee, the systems strategist and accountability coach who specializes in serving neurodivergent entrepreneurs. As a dedicated wife and mom to two, Karalee understands the challenges of running a business while juggling the demands of family life. That's why she's committed to helping like-minded business owners reduce the mental strain that comes with managing "all the things."

With her expertise in planning and organizing, Karalee helps entrepreneurs streamline their operations and find the best solutions for their unique business needs. Her passion for balancing productivity with simplicity is contagious, inspiring clients to achieve their goals and surpass all expectations. So if you're ready to take your business to the next level, let Karalee be your fearless guide to success!
The Logistics of What You'll Receive
  • Welcome Call to Set the Container with the Intention of Also Getting Your Schedule Feeling Free and Your Goals on "Paper."
  • Monthly 1:1 Planning Session to Brainstorm and Create a Plan of Action that is in Alignment with Your Time, Energy, and Goals for the Following Month and/or Quarter.
  • Me in Your Back Pocket with 1:1 Accountability with Options of What Platform Works Best For You.
  • Monthly Customized Challenge that Aligns with Your Goals, Complete with Accountability.
  • Access to the Systems Gameplan Content to Start Implementing Your Systems Right Away!