Why ClickUp?

The goal with a task management system, especially ClickUp, is to create a central hub that everything flows through.

ClickUp can be used as task management and information storage. It’s essential job is to keep everything in one centralized location so you and anyone else supporting your business, knows what needs done and where to find things.

Some sort of task management will be essential for you to be as efficient as possible, especially given the amount of capacity (time & energy) needed without it.
ClickUp can allow you to:
Many Clients Have These 3 Concerns
​ClickUp is overwhelming!
I had this same experience with ClickUp a few years ago. I actually said I'd never use it again. Obviously, that didn't stick.

I realized the reason I hated it was because there was so much to it. I now know the basic foundational pieces of project management along with how ClickUp specifically can grow with you as you scale. The biggest thing is to have this system set up in a way that it supports your brain. That's what I strive to do for you during your ClickUp VIP Week.

I don't know if I'll be able to remember to use it!
Incredibly valid - using a new tool or software, starting a new routine or workout - it all takes time to get used to.

The goal with the ClickUp VIP Week is to set up ClickUp in a way that gets you to want to use it because you'll see how much it supports your efficiency and productivity.
I love paper! How can I move to ClickUp!
I love paper too! However, I knew I was going to have a team and I knew I needed to be able to access things on multiple devices. So, I use both!

ClickUp operates as my 2nd brain because it's my central hub for business, it's all in one space.

Then, at the beginning of your week, you can map out on paper what you're needing to work on in your planner or on a to do list. I still do this sometimes when I have a lot going on and I want to ensure I'm hitting those top priorities. Many of my clients still do this too.

So yes, you can use ClickUp alongside your handy paper!
Now Imagine...
What Implementing Systems is Going to Do For YOU!
You Signed Up For Your VIP Week!
Schedule your week and prepare for your sessions by filling out  your ClickUp worksheet.

1st 90 minute session to create your ClickUp Blueprint for implementation; complete with a timeline and next steps.

2nd 90 minute session to implement your ClickUp Blueprint to allow you to be organized, save you time, and support you every day!
Behind the scenes support via Slack for implementation. You have Karalee in your back pocket for 14 business days from your 1st session.

Final 30 minute session to answer any lingering questions and get you feeling good about your next steps!

You'll be well on your way to creating your central hub for business with the ClickUp Blueprint and next steps even after our time together.
One Payment

$ 997 
Includes 2 - 90 minutes sessions within the same week
14 days of Slack access following your 1st session
Schedule Your Week Right Away

2 Payments Of

$ 500/ month
Includes 2 - 90 minutes sessions within the same week
14 days of Slack access following your 1st session
Schedule Your Week After Your 2nd Payment

This ClickUp VIP Week is not affiliated with ClickUp itself, other than myself being a ClickUp affiliate.