There’s just one small eh em…ENORMOUS…problem:

You can’t seem to figure out how to LAUNCH YOUR PODCAST without having to commit to countless hours of work each week.

#1 You’re not super techy so figuring out the gear and software feels like a game of Clue (aka like a mystery.)
#2 You have ideas galore, but podcast planning feels like a puzzle (with missing pieces.)
#3 You’re so busy juggling multiple full-time jobs (aka your life,) where would you even find the time to produce a podcast?

Successfully launching your podcast can feel totally overwhelming, I know.

Especially when you’ve already tried to create the plan, get the right equipment, find the time, and let’s be honest, the confidence to actually hit record.

I’ve been there myself... And I’m here to help.
I help coaches and service providers who are in their scaling era to streamline their operations.

If not having enough time is stressing you TF out, welcome.

Like you, before I launched my podcast, I was struggling with these same things. Yeah, it wasn’t great!

Since then, I’ve launched my podcast, worked on my confidence, message, and made my podcast my top of funnel to prioritize it. I’ve since gone on to support others to achieve launching their podcasts with a clear repurposing plan with my process inside the Podcast VIP Week.
With results like these…

  • Clients launching their podcasts right after our very first session.
  • Seeing the potential with a repurposing plan to maximize effort.
  • Finally feeling like they have a clear plan to stop wasting time “figuring it out.”

I am confident that I can help you launch and maximize your podcast, too.
Here’s how the Podcast VIP Week will help you launch your podcast in one week and have a clear repurposing strategy to maximize your efforts.
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Fill out the brainstorming document. This allows Karalee to see the starting point and what the strategy will be to get you to your desired outcome.
Slack Access
Gain 1:1 access for 14 days to get support outside of your virtual sessions. Day 1 is the day of session #1.
Session #1:
90 minutes. Jump into the goals, tech, and other foundations based on your brainstorming document to personalize the session to your needs.
Session #2:
90 minutes. Continue implementation of your repurposing strategy to maximize your voice and time.
Session #3:
30 minutes. A final follow up virtual session to answer any lingering questions, see how you’re feeling, and what additional support may be needed for continued success.
Templates, SOPs, etc:
Receive my templated podcast production process for ClickUp, software recommendations, how to templatize your content, and potentially more if needed to make this process simple and efficient.
Karalee takes notes of important information gathered from the virtual sessions complete with homework to maximize our time together.
Your Investment for the Podcast VIP Week
One Payment

$ 997 usd 
2 Payments Of

$ 500 usd/ month
Your session can be booked immediately, but cannot take place until after all payments have been received.
Here’s what happens when you invest in the Podcast VIP Week today:

1. You’ll go to the checkout page which includes a form with 2 payment options, either 2 monthly installments of $500 usd or one payment of $997. Choose what makes the most sense and submit the form.

2. You’ll receive via email which includes your confirmation, what to expect, and your desired payment.

3. Once completed, you’ll be able to schedule your sessions and receive your brainstorming document to maximize your sessions.

Still have a few questions? I’d love to hear from you.

If you **think** you’re ready for the Podcast VIP Week, but still have a few lingering questions before signing up, send me an email:

I’d be happy to chat through anything on your mind and point you in the right direction.


Everything you’re still dying to know about the Podcast Program.

What is this?
The Podcast VIP Week is a 1:1 2 Week Program with Karalee focused on launching your podcast in 1 week and creating a simple and efficient repurposing system for success. Book now!
How much does it cost?
This program costs PIF $997 or 2 payments of $500. I’m ready!
Do you offer refunds?
The Productivity Impact does not offer refunds. If for whatever reason you are unable to attend your sessions, they can be rescheduled or you may receive a credit to use on other services. Nice, I’m ready.
What if I buy this and realize it’s not for me?
If you decide this is not for you, you may use your credit for another service that is right for you. Start here!
Is this right for me if I don’t have hours a week to dedicate to a podcast?
A podcast and this program will take dedicated time. Depending on your desires for your podcast, will depend on the amount of time required. This program within 14 days requires 2-90 minutes virtual sessions, 1-30 minute virtual session and there will be homework between sessions. You’ll want to have a minimum of 4-5 hours available for week 1 and 2-3 available for week 2. Book now!
How can I be sure I’m ready for this?
You’re ready to hit the ground running, plus learn and implement quickly with clear guidance. You have at least an hour to dedicate to a podcast a week and you have a desire to share your message with listeners. You’re ready to have a simple, yet efficient podcast and repurposing strategy. Answered yes? Make my life easier!
What’s the difference between this and the DFY podcast production?
The Podcast VIP Week gives you the resources, skills, and strategy to move your podcast forward yourself. The “done for you” podcast production services are when Karalee and the team take the editing and repurposing off your plate to maximize your time even more! Save your spot!
What if I fall behind?
There is no falling behind as long as you’re realistic with yourself, block off the time needed during our 14 days together AND you use the sessions and Slack support to have me in your back pocket if you get stuck. There is also an option for extended support if desired. I’m ready!
How long until I see results?
You’ll see results right away with the clarity, resources, and skills developed after our 1st session. It all depends how honest you are with your capacity, how much you implement, and how much you use the support with Karalee. I’m ready!You’ll see results right away with the clarity, resources, and skills developed after our 1st session. It all depends how honest you are with your capacity, how much you implement, and how much you use the support with Karalee. I’m ready!
Do you offer a more extended payment plan?
There can be custom plans if needed. Extending the payment plan may have the total be more than the above. All payments must be paid before you can have your sessions. Please take this into account when inquiring about an extended payment plan. To inquire, send an email to
Even if you walk away with only a podcast and repurposing strategy – the Podcast VIP Week would be worth it.

But you are going to get so much more than that!

With the Podcast VIP Week, you will…
  • Know how to use your software, tools, and tech.
  • How to keep your podcast process simple and organized.
  • Have a podcast ready to launch to your audience.
You’re just one step away from embracing your expertise with a podcast!