Neurodivergent Friendly Recommendations

Every single item has been personally used by Karalee.
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My task management system of choice! It's an all-in-one software to keep you organized!

All in one website & marketing suite. Email, text, website, Zoom, courses, and blogging...

Buzzsprout is an simple to use podcast platform with many capabilities to make podcasting another way to serve your audience!

Learn How to Pay Yourself FIRST! - That was my biggest takeaway with this book!

Habits may be harder for us, habit stacking is something that makes things so much simpler.

Easy to follow steps that you can implement to tell your story more clearly! Loved reading this!

Interesting perspective on no. Quick, easy read that gets you thinking about how no is just as powerful as yes.

The powerful social media strategies that Rachel teaches in book form. So many good things here!

The book that introduced me to limiting beliefs and started so many ripple effects!

After comparing for ages, I settled on this one and love it! Way better than my built in webcam!

Amazing for podcasting or simply recording for courses or social media! Very versatile!

No more running out of space or losing data. Either way, back it up and store it!

The family hub for all the things. Reminders, schedules, chores, music, and soooo much more.

Pop these in your vital rooms, but have everything connected to your main hub.

The app that has helped me with focusing, sleeping, and meditation too!

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