Karalee Gault
As an operations specialist, I help 6-7 figure business owners create
more capacity and streamline operations so they are no longer the bottleneck
and can spend more time serving clients.

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➡️Delegation Guide 🆓️
Systems to Have in Place, Tasks to Delegate,
Things to Think About When Hiring,
How to Ensure Your VA Loves Working with You,
and a Job Description Template

➡️DIY Operations Audit 🆓️
Get the 5 most common bottlenecks
(where things slow down significantly)
in business, complete with journaling space.

➡️ClickUp VIP Week
Amplify Your Business Efficiency in Less Than 5 Days!
Let's get your central hub for business set up, so you can
create more capacity and grow your team!

➡️Streamlined CEO Podcast
A podcast for solopreneurs and CEOs with a team
to understand how to streamline operations,
be more efficient, and create more capacity.

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