5 Ways to Utilize A Landing Page

I get this question many times, what is a landing page?

A landing page is a part of your funnel. On this page the visitor will put in their name and email to receive something valuable, usually something free. Your visitor then receives said valuable after exchanging their name and email. This visitor is now a potential client. Nurturing this potential client well in the coming days and months is crucial to your funnel.

Uses for a landing page
Sign up for:
  1. member area to allow access to multiple things at once.
  2. a freebie guide, ebook, PDF, a video, etc.
  3. to receive your monthly newsletter or blogs.
  4. to get on a wait list for a product, course, or coaching, etc.
  5. vendor events for giveaways.
These are 5 ways to utilize a simple landing page that can be impactful to your people and yourself. We want to make things as easy for our people as possible to access. Make sure you aren’t having them jump through hoops to get what they need.

How have you utilized a landing page within your business!?

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