How to Thrive in Business with These Productivity Tips

How to Thrive in Business with These Productivity Tips
As a fellow entrepreneur, I understand how challenging it can be to balance your work and personal life while also dealing with the unique challenges that come with being neurodivergent. Fortunately, there are many strategies and productivity tips that have been proven to work for people like us. 

Here are some of my top recommendations:
1. Embrace Your Strengths: whether you have ADHD, dyslexia, or another neurodivergent condition, it's important to recognize your strengths and build upon them. For example, if you are highly creative or excel at visual thinking, find ways to incorporate these skills into your work and use them to your advantage.

2. Set Clear Goals & Expectations: establishing clear, achievable goals is crucial for anyone looking to boost their productivity. Be sure to break down larger goals into specific, smaller tasks to make them more manageable.

3. Manage Distractions: distractions can be a major challenge for neurodivergent entrepreneurs, so it's important to find strategies that work for you. This might include using noise-cancelling headphones, setting specific times for checking email or social media, or using apps that block distracting websites.

4. Prioritize Self-Care: taking care of yourself is critical for maintaining high levels of productivity and managing any accompanying stress or anxiety. Make sure to prioritize sleep, movement, and down time to recharge your batteries.

5. Find Support: finally, don't hesitate to seek out support from other entrepreneurs who understand the unique challenges you face. Joining neurodivergent entrepreneur groups or working with a coach or mentor can provide the encouragement and accountability you need to stay on track.

Remember, being neurodivergent doesn't need to hold you back in business. By implementing these productivity tips, you can achieve your goals and build a successful business.

If you're looking for a community, join us in the Hyperfocus Treehouse, where there's community, accountability, trainings, focus, and so much more!

Neurodivergent: Embracing the Beautiful Diversity of the Human Mind

Neurodivergent: Embracing the Beautiful Diversity of the Human Mind
In recent years, the concept of neurodiversity has become more widely understood and accepted, encouraging society to embrace the beautiful mosaic of the human mind. One term that often arises in discussions surrounding neurodiversity is "neurodivergent." But what does neurodivergent really mean?

Neurodivergent refers to people whose neurological development and processing differ from what is considered typical or neurotypical. It encompasses a wide range of conditions such as autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, and more. Essentially, it recognizes that the human brain is diverse, and neurological differences are a natural and intrinsic part of our society.

However, it's important to note that being neurodivergent is not a disorder or deficit; it is simply a different way of experiencing and navigating the world. Neurodivergent humans often possess unique strengths, perspectives, and abilities that can contribute greatly to society when embraced and supported.

The concept of neurodiversity promotes the understanding that all minds are valuable and should be respected, whether they align with societal norms or not. It encourages a shift from a deficit-based approach to a strengths-based approach, acknowledging and fostering the talents and skills that neurodivergent humans can bring to the table.

I have ADHD and my whole home is neurodivergent. I specialize in supporting neurodivergent entrepreneurs to use these unique skills they possess by putting in place systems that work for their brain so they can be that multi-passionate entrepreneur without losing their mind...completely.

There are so many ways to work with me that fit every budget. From self-paced courses, to group membership, to virtual assistant services.  -CLICK HERE and I'll be in touch soon. Let's chat.

Feel Like You're Constantly Behind?

In a society where hustle and busy is normal, it's hard to go against the grain. It's quite literally painful. Our minds are conditioned to be busy, be stressed, and essentially be exhausted and burnt out. So how do you become more productive to not feel like you're constantly behind?

It's a process, when you've made it to adulthood, you've already been conditioned to say and do things how you were taught as a child. That means it takes a lot longer to change it when it's become a part of you.

During my transition of slowing down the hustle and busy, I felt incredibly strange. I felt like I was missing things, my mind kept going in circles because it had so much time to think, I was stressed about not being as stressed! It feels so foreign to not be busy all the time!

Here are the steps I took to start slowing down:
1. I evaluated my schedule and removed things I hated about it where possible.
2. I started to say no A LOT.
3. I started to think about the reasons I always had to be stressed out to feel successful.
4. I started to rest more often and take better care of myself.
5. I stopped striving for perfection and instead I started striving for my best.

There are so many thing we can do to become more productive, but if we are already maxed out and burnt out, not taking care of ourselves, there's nothing I can do until you're willing to let go of the stress and hustle.

I can support you in doing that in your business, household, and life. You do the work, I just give you the guidelines, accountability, and support to do it and do it in your timing.

When you're a business owner or entrepreneur that is also neurodivergent, there's even more obstacles in the way -- executive dysfunction, analysis paralysis, RSD and many more.

At The Productivity Impact, we strive to support you in being yourself, becoming more productive on your terms, and thriving in a life you actually like the feel of your skin in. We love no judgement, no shame, authentically you, bring all the things to the table, a safe place to be you, and no masking!!

We would love to support you in your business, household, and life to reduce the hustle and stress and increase the rest and productivity. Karalee would love to get to know you and give you custom support options. Just fill out this quick form and she will be in contact soon! 

The Power of Virtual Coworking Sessions

Imagine an hour of no distractions, silence but knowing others are working with you, a goal of what you’re going to get done, and motivation to push through those tasks that have been on that to do list for ages.

Virtual coworking sessions can be incredibly beneficial for those with ADHD. Why you may ask - BODY DOUBLING! Do you work better when someone is in the room with you? That’s body doubling. I know I do this at home all the time. Someone has to be in the room cleaning with me to get things accomplished.

Body doubling in business can take place in person at a coworking space, but for those of us who decide that virtually is the only way for whatever reason, there’s hope. 

 I love coworking sessions so much, I’ve created a place where we have weekly virtual coworking sessions for free! 

A few benefits to joining in on a coworking session is the accountability. You set a goal at the beginning of a task(s) that you are going to complete. Usually I choose the ones that have been on my to do list for a hot minute. Ones that have a deadline nearing, or something that I simply cannot complete on my own for whatever reason.

Knowing others are also working on their business on the other side of the screen is enough to get your mind moving and motivated. PLUS when we schedule the coworking time, your body says it’s like you’re on a LIVE call with a client where you cannot be distracted so you shut off all notifications, tell the  family to leave you alone, lock the door, etc. Whatever it is you need to do to ensure you’re not distracted during your session. 

Then you knock out the tasks you set off to do. You can even ask questions during the sessions and see if anyone else is able to support you. It’s a mix of accountability, body doubling, and kick ass distraction free work time to work on YOUR BUSINESS!

All you have to do to get these free coworking sessions is hop into my free community especially for ADHD entrepreneurs! Once you’re in there, you’ll be directed to the coworking sessions and all the other things this community has to offer. Click below!

A little background on how these sessions work!

Asking for Help – Even When It's Hard

I was terrified that I wasn’t going to be able to pay my bills, let alone put food on the table. We made just enough that we didn’t qualify for any assistance, we had 2 kids, donating blood plasma to have any “fun” money to just go out to eat occasionally. That meant we only focused on what produced income and the absolute necessities that come with having a family like paying rent and putting food on the table. Was that the life I wanted to live? Working 40+ hours a week – both of us! – and still struggling.
My fight isn’t with the wages here, it’s not with amount of work needed. It’s about our minds and how we revert to survival mode and completely miss any opportunities to better ourselves. It wasn’t until we hit rock bottom that we started to get incredibly resourceful.
Being in that place, not knowing which way is up, feeling the failure, judgement, and the extreme uncertainty. The worse part was having to ask for help, having to be vulnerable, having to risk being judged by the people we loved.
Knowing you need help and accepting help is different than asking for it. Many of us, me included, don’t like to ask for it. We like to figure it out ourselves, but I’ve learned that asking for help, asking for that life raft was a huge contributing factor to our lives now. Sure, you can Google everything! Heck, everything can be found on YouTube or social media in general.
I ask you this, how much of your precious time is it taking? How much time are you scrolling social or researching on Google? This was eye opening when someone first suggested this to me. Grab your phone, if you are on an *Android – Settings > Digital Wellbeing > Screen Time* *Apple – Settings > Screen Time > See All Activity* and see how often you are using your phone and where! This was mind blowing to me!


More than likely you just realized you’re on your phone or social for HOURS a day and more than likely just scrolling! You may be researching on Google or YouTube a lot too attempting to find all the free things that people have available to you but don’t always answer your questions because it’s not customized to you!
That’s the biggest issue, things need to be customizable to you and usually you waste a lot of time trying to find the right thing to try and customize with little real information. Is it time to invest in yourself, in your well-being, in your sanity!? It’s a small investment with a huge return. Do you want - let’s be real - need balance? It’s like the Casting Crowns song American Dream. Listen below.

Is your life, your balance built in the sand - is it not strong, is it easily damaged, and unpredictable!? Are you headed for rock bottom, maybe a mental breakdown!
This is my favorite question to answer, “But how is a work/life balance possible!?” I’m living proof, come join me in the Leading with Balance Workshop where we create and design a work/life balance you can be proud of. Join me here!

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