Why the Hell Do I Need SOPs??

Why the Hell Do I Need SOPs??
Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) serve as the backbone of any successful business or organization. These are documented steps that outline how activities and tasks should be carried out to ensure consistency, efficiency, and quality across all operations. SOPs provide clear guidelines and instructions to team members, detailing the necessary steps, tools, and resources required to complete a task effectively.

Creating, updating, and using SOPs is a system in itself that you may struggle to put into place. More on how I can help later.

Why SOPs are Important:
Imagine running a business without any set procedures in place. Chaos and confusion would likely occur, leading to inconsistencies, errors, and wasted time and energy. Whether you're a small startup or a large corporation, SOPs are essential for streamlining processes, maintaining operational consistency, and achieving desired outcomes.

Here are a few key benefits of implementing SOPs in your business:
1. Improved Efficiency: SOPs eliminate guesswork by providing a detailed roadmap for completing tasks. With clearly defined steps, team members can work more efficiently, saving time and energy.

2. Consistency and Quality: SOPs ensure that processes are standardized and consistently followed by team members. This consistency results in better output quality, as everyone is working towards the same goal using the same approach.

3. Training and Onboarding: SOPs are invaluable when it comes to training new team members. By having comprehensive guidelines readily available, you can streamline the onboarding process and reduce the learning curve for new team members.

4. Continuous Improvement: SOPs aren't set in stone. They provide a foundation for identifying areas of improvement and implementing changes to optimize processes. Regularly reviewing and updating SOPs allows businesses to adapt to new technologies, industry trends, and customer or client needs.

Struggling to implement these SOPs or put systems in place in general? I'm here to help. You can join me in the Hyperfocus Treehouse or grab your very own VIP day to get those SOPs in place.

Can Time Management Be Learned

It's a common misconception that ADHD is an excuse for being lazy or not following through on commitments.
In fact, many people with ADHD have a harder time managing their time and staying organized than the average person. Even if they try to stay organized, it can be difficult because of misplacing things easily or forgetting about tasks until the last minute. And those are just some of the obstacles that come from having ADHD!

Read on to explore how you can learn time management skills as someone with ADHD so you don't continue struggling unnecessarily.

Time management is the secret to success. It's easy for many of us, but it seems like a daunting task when you first start thinking about how much there is in this world and all its little distractions that can take up your day if left unchecked especially if you’re an entrepreneur with ADHD. Am I right!?

We all know the importance of managing our time. Minute-to-minute, hour to hour and day by day; with every passing second that tick away from us it's just becoming more apparent how quickly life goes by! So why not make an effort today? If you are feeling overwhelmed at work or in your personal endeavors then maybe it’s because there is too much going on for one person. Eliminate what you can, outsource things you cannot, and do the following to figure these things out.

The best way to get a handle on your time is by keeping track of how long you think tasks will take and then how long it actually takes you. You may come to the realization that the main reason you’re bad with time management is simply because things are realistically taking you longer than you think they will so you create a to-do list that is unrealistic for you to complete.

Things that can affect your ability to manage your time well…
1. Not having clear goals, priorities and deadlines.
2. Huge procrastinator.
3. Not having a clean, organized work area.
4. Multi-tasking when it’s not necessary.
5. Overwhelmed by all the tasks.

Time management is an important part of being a successful entrepreneur. 
To make sure you’re getting the most out of every day, it's important to develop good time management skills and learn how they work for your individual needs. This article has provided some tips on things that can affect your ability to manage your time well as well as things that can affect your ability to manage your time well. If these ideas have piqued your interest, grab my Entrepreneur Bundle and get even more hacks on managing your time with grace!

Support for the Modern Entrepreneur

So, you’ve decided you want to work from home or start your own business. You quickly realize it’s starting to take over your life. You find yourself hustling to bring in some extra cash or pay your bills. Sound familiar?

You’re not only hustling, you’re overwhelmed and running dangerously close to burn out! You’re starting to think you’re not cut out for this thing. Some people understand what you’re doing, and others don’t think you’ll make it or both!

You don’t want to fail or even seem like a failure, but that’s how you’re feeling right now. That’s how I felt the first 3 times I tried to start my own business and work from home. You don’t last long when you’re hustling, feeling like a failure, and not sure how to proceed or get out of your own way.

You see people running successful businesses and you want to do it too, but how!? Most likely they didn’t start out knowing exactly how to run a successful business, it probably started with a lot of trial and error, long nights, and stressful days.

You see people appear to have it all together, but do they? Most likely they don’t, but they are actively working toward a better self, a better marriage, and a better future for their kids.

I’ll be honest, I just described what I went through and some I’m still going through. We all need support to do the hard things like run a business and work on ourselves. I cannot stress this enough; we cannot do it alone. We need to be around like-minded, motivational, dedicated people with the drive to succeed. People that know what it takes to get to the next step!

We all need a mentor (or coach) to help us get to where we want to go. Someone that has done it before us and is willing to walk alongside you through the thick of it and be your rock. That’s the secret sauce to their success.

So, you decided you want to work from home or start your own business…but how? I’m already overwhelmed just thinking about it! Don’t worry, I got you. Come hang with us in the Seamless Success Community where we are setting goals and crushing them, getting daily support, crazy resources, and the accountability we need to succeed. I know you want to join us! Hop in right here.

Keeping Your Sanity as an Entrepreneur

We all have those days where we are completely overwhelmed by our job, our house, our kids, and our sanity is being tested like no other. What do we do in those moments? Do we give up, maybe yell a bit, or maybe we go and take a break for a bit. Does that help? Did you fix the problem that allowed you to get completely overwhelmed to begin with!?
Here’s a little story about my last week and how my sanity was tested sooo many times. As an entrepreneur and more importantly, a virtual assistant, my sanity is tested quite frequently. I love my career path, no doubt, but just like with every other career, it can certainly test your limits. You as a person and the people in your life need to understand these limits and start putting into place a safety net for your sanity.

I own a virtual assistant agency and my overwhelm has come from a massive amount of work and not enough hours in the day for the people in the agency to complete them. That causes insane overwhelm, especially on me. I knew this was coming and now I’m kicking myself for not acting sooner. When you see these problems popping up in your business, address them asap, don’t let them simmer and grow and hide in the corner, because when they appear again, it’s going to be with a vengeance.

So how do I keep my sanity when my job is literally to help entrepreneurs keep their sanity!? It’s simple, I put systems into place, I hire out when needed, and I have a team with my husband. He’s my right-hand man, but that’s a story for another time. To keep your sanity when you are trying to do all the things, is to identify the problem before it becomes a huge problem, start to find solutions, and then act on the solutions before the issue gets out of hand and you’re left overwhelmed, stuck, and making the problem worse.

I say this from a point of I’m here, right now! Listen to your gut, pay attention to what’s going on around you, and DO IT! So my action today is putting out feelers to bring another contractor VA into my agency. If you are interested, apply here.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant can be many things. Most people think a VA is just someone that helps business owners. Whereas that’s true, that’s not all. A virtual assistant is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients remotely from a home office. That’s pretty expansive, which means the possibilities are endless!
Having the possibilities being endless is honestly what trips people up. So as long as it can be done virtually and you are assisting someone, you could be classified as a virtual assistant. #Mindblown
So virtual assistant is the general term for many niches. You can niche down if you choose. For example, let’s say you love social media and you are creative in graphics and in your copy! You could be a Social Media Manager!
I didn’t start out with a niche; I was just a general VA that did a lot of tech things too. I started there to see what I was good at and who I was attracting. I niched down into a Business Launching Virtual Assistant and Coach and scaled to an agency in the process. I help new entrepreneurs put systems into place to launch, then also coach them to help with accountability and get their ideas flowing. Since I’m also heavy in the tech realm, many of these clients come to me to just do it for them. I’m all about coaching them through the process of learning how to manage or do it themselves for the future. This coaching also includes aspiring VAs since you are an entrepreneur too!
Want to know what your niche options are and how to get the ball rolling on that, check out my 5-day challenge in my Free Facebook Community! Join the 5-day challenge, “Finding Your Niche in the VA World,” right here! Having a niche allows you to talk to the right people and ultimately love your job! Come hang with us!

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