In the Beginning to Now - The Journey

I have a lot of new friends to say HI to! So hey, I'm Karalee! I am a wife of 8 years to an amazing man and a mom of 2 challenging, but awesome kids. My days are spent solving everyone's problems, teaching constantly, and giving grace. Patience, understanding, a listening ear, and quick problem solving are some strengths of mine.

How I went from no idea what to create a business on to an ADHD solutions agency.

About 2 years ago, I decided I wanted to run my own business. I didn't know what I was going to do, but I knew I could do it. I wasn't really sure of anything at that point, just that I didn't want to stay cleaning toilets for the rest of my life. My knowledge and expertise was being wasted everyday in a factory cleaning toilets! I wasn’t ok with that anymore.

Fast forward a bit, I tried out sooo many things, but I didn't love any of them. My current business I fell into by accident. Someone was like, "can you help me with my website?" I was like, "yes, I totally can!" That was the start of a booming business that scaled to an agency in just 3 months! Talk about overwhelmed!

Plot twist, I had no marketing or systems in place, and my only source of clients was referrals which slowly started to run dry and the bottom fell out of the business.

It was a blessing in disguise. I didn't have the systems or know how to continue scaling properly. So I did what any business owner would do and I went back to the drawing board. What did I need to fix, what did I need to upgrade, where are the holes in my business structure, but more importantly, where do I need to improve?

I found a mentor that spoke to me and I knew in my gut I wanted to learn from her. She was funny, outgoing, and she is where I want to be in the future. What I got with this mentor is far more than I could have expected.

Along the way I was refining things. One day I had a client say I worked REALLY well with ADHD and that finding someone that understood her was really hard and she was beyond grateful to have found me. We are really good friends now, but that day I realized that 90% of my clientele did or probably had ADHD.

I have been providing solutions to ADHD for a long time in my own home. I naturally was doing the same in my business and I naturally attracted ADHD entrepreneurs. I have more recently been officially diagnosed with ADHD myself.

I took a stand and pivoted my business to be completely focused on solutions for ADHD entrepreneurs. Getting people organized, managing their time like a boss, using their own gifts, and boosting their productivity while finding balance in life and entrepreneurship.

Who would have thought this was going to be me today? Two years ago I was stuck in a job that I hated, cleaning toilets for a handful of dollars above minimum wage to today, making 3x that doing something I love all while homeschooling my kids, having a kick-ass marriage, and having time for myself. YOU CAN TOO!

Are you an ADHD entrepreneur reading this?

I want to support you in any way I can. I also know not to give too many options so I ask you this: Do you find yourself distracted, overwhelmed, and not productive? I got you.

Here are a few ways I can support you:
– Join my Free group HERE where we talk all about being an ADHD entrepreneur and how to boost productivity & ultimately create balance for yourself and family.

– Grab my Time Audit Tracker HERE! The 6 step process I use myself and with my clients today.

– Join the Hyperfocus Treehouse, my group mentorship program HERE where we get serious about productivity, accountability, and your path forward.

– Really ready to push the needle and get SUPER productive? Productivity plans for 1:1 coaching, accountability, and prioritizing everything in your biz and life. Grab your spot HERE!

Support for the Modern Entrepreneur

So, you’ve decided you want to work from home or start your own business. You quickly realize it’s starting to take over your life. You find yourself hustling to bring in some extra cash or pay your bills. Sound familiar?

You’re not only hustling, you’re overwhelmed and running dangerously close to burn out! You’re starting to think you’re not cut out for this thing. Some people understand what you’re doing, and others don’t think you’ll make it or both!

You don’t want to fail or even seem like a failure, but that’s how you’re feeling right now. That’s how I felt the first 3 times I tried to start my own business and work from home. You don’t last long when you’re hustling, feeling like a failure, and not sure how to proceed or get out of your own way.

You see people running successful businesses and you want to do it too, but how!? Most likely they didn’t start out knowing exactly how to run a successful business, it probably started with a lot of trial and error, long nights, and stressful days.

You see people appear to have it all together, but do they? Most likely they don’t, but they are actively working toward a better self, a better marriage, and a better future for their kids.

I’ll be honest, I just described what I went through and some I’m still going through. We all need support to do the hard things like run a business and work on ourselves. I cannot stress this enough; we cannot do it alone. We need to be around like-minded, motivational, dedicated people with the drive to succeed. People that know what it takes to get to the next step!

We all need a mentor (or coach) to help us get to where we want to go. Someone that has done it before us and is willing to walk alongside you through the thick of it and be your rock. That’s the secret sauce to their success.

So, you decided you want to work from home or start your own business…but how? I’m already overwhelmed just thinking about it! Don’t worry, I got you. Come hang with us in the Seamless Success Community where we are setting goals and crushing them, getting daily support, crazy resources, and the accountability we need to succeed. I know you want to join us! Hop in right here.

My Favorite Scheduling Tool – My Biz Toolbox

Are you a coach, virtual assistant, or anything that has to do with scheduling appointments to meet 1 on 1? If this is you, I want to introduce you to my most favorite scheduling tool of all time! Why, because it saves me countless hours a month! In the month of March, I saved 11 hours!! Time is money and time is valuable!
Ok to the good stuff! What can this tool do for you!? Save you time and keep you organized so you can keep your sanity! Allows you to look professional and not overbook yourself! Almost completely automated!
Ok the features and benefits to you when using this tool!
1. Your linked Google calendar keeps you up to date because your assistant (yes you get an assistant) sends you an email every morning on what your meetings or to dos are for the day that you have in your calendar!

2. Your assistant sends a reminder email to your client the morning of your meeting with the meeting link and time. You also receive a reminder with all the information your client submitted when they booked the appointment with you.

3. You can ask your clients questions when they schedule the meeting. This allows you to be prepared for that meeting and shorten the length of the meeting. I was able to shorten my meetings a full 30 minutes when I started asking these questions.

4. You can take payment for your appointment before they can schedule a time with you. There is also a free option for consults etc.

5. Set your times available, how much time you want before and after a meeting, how much time in advance you need for someone to be added to your calendar, and how far in advance they can schedule.
Ok that was a lot! But I love this scheduling tool so very much! I mean I saved 11 hours in March which is a couple hundred dollars easily for this $8 a month tool! #Mindblown
I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t experience it first-hand! Ok, the name of this amazingly affordable, easy to use tool is Calendar Hero! And guess what, I have this free training I put together for those that want to check it out! Grab that free training right here to get an inside look at Calendar Hero to see if this is going to be something you want to put into action asap in your business!