How I Went from Giving Up on My Dreams to Running My Own Business - Part 1

Giving up on your dreams is never the answer, pivoting your dreams as life changes is a thing though. However, most of us see our dreams run out the window and then they are just gone…or so we tend to think.

I was 16 years old; I started my first job as a cleaner in a factory. I took on a supervisor/office manager position for that small cleaning business by the time I was 18. So, at 18, I held a management position, but after that company closed, no one would hire me. I ended up working at McDonald’s, then many other cleaning jobs, but no one would give me a legit management job again, yet I had the experience and work ethic! Crazy right!?

I told myself I wasn’t good enough to be a leader after so many years even though that’s truly what I felt led to do. God had a lot of things to teach me before he opened the door I walked through in the last year. I see that now. Even though I’m a firm believer in everything happens for a reason, it didn’t make it any easier.

I had allowed society to tear me down. I allowed that, no one else, me! I allowed people to put in my head that I wasn’t good enough and that I was going to stay right where I was. I had accepted that unfortunately. 

Fast forward a couple years after my marriage was put through the ringer, I had given up on my dreams, my finances where in shambles, and I had unruly kids. You start to wonder what in the world God could possibly have in store for you and your family…

I started along a personal development journey out of desperation to attempt to make sense of my life and the events that had unfolded. In doing so, I found a woman that gave me hope that I could indeed start my own business and be that leader I always thought I was supposed to be. 

None of this has been easy, but it has all been worth it. Our journey to success is important because there’s another you stuck in the same past that you have been, just waiting for their life raft. I ask you this, what are you going to do about your situation today!?

Karalee Gault - CEO
Gault Virtual Agency

Dreams = Reality – What!?

A friend asked me last week to think about my ultimate goal for the future. This is something my husband and I have talked about many times. As a dream of course, next to none of it seemed like it could really be reality…until now!
Here is how we envision our future. We want to travel the US at the very least, maybe venture outside too! Who knows!? We have thought about this in a few different ways, but ultimately, we want to get an RV and go from campground to campground all around the US. There are little things, which are actually big in reality, that we have been doing to strive for this ultimate goal.
We homeschool our children already, always have, so that’s not an issue. We did buy a house, but we could always sell if we decided to. More recently, I figured out a way to work completely from home, even on the go as a virtual assistant and marriage coach. Yes, all my passions put together.
The best part about ALL this is my husband and I are doing this together! Marriage coaches and virtual assistants. Then we are going to throw author in the mix by the end of the year! Fingers crossed!
Why would we take on sooo many things? – Simply because we both have a drive to assist in problem solving and LOVE to get people to work together and recognize themselves and their abilities. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us, but I cannot wait to see how many businesses, marriages, and families we are going to be able to impact with our mission!
Our mission is to help people that hate their jobs, survive now, then break free onto their path to their true purpose in this world to ultimately live abundantly as they choose! #breakingfreewiththegaults
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