Creating Action Steps to Crush Goals

We all want to crush goals! We most certainly want that dopamine rush that we get when we check another goal or another step off the list! It's all about our mind. Discipline, direction, accountability, and a way to check things off!!! That's it!

Ok, I know you’re saying that it cannot be that easy, and you’d be right…to a point. It takes setting SMART goals to begin with. Check out this blog post for more on setting smart goals. (INSERT LINK) Then it takes creating a clear plan to get from where you are now, to where you must be to achieve that goal you set for yourself, etc. Creating action steps after setting your goals is simply a step-by-step plan of what you are going to physically do to get yourself to your goal. 

Here’s my real life example:
I want to become financially stable. Currently I have credit card debt, car loans, a mortgage and zero savings. Ouch! That is no where near financially stable, is it? 
Here are my 2 financial goals, take note they are in the SMART format:
  1. Have $2,000 in savings by the end of 2021.
  2. Pay down 10% of my credit card debt by the end of 2021.
I have my goals, now how am I going to get there? My old mindset wouldn’t be thinking I could do it. So, action step #1: change my mindset to my finances and my abilities. 

Action Steps to Crushing My 2 Financial Goals:
To Change My Mindset
  1. Read a personal development book
  2. Do daily affirmations
To Obtain a Savings of $2,000 and Pay Down 10% of My Credit Card Debt by the end of 2021
  1. Create a monthly budget.
  2. Have a monthly meeting with hubby.
  3. Get rid of unnecessary expenses/subscriptions, etc.
  4. Sell things that are sitting around we no longer use.
  5. Hubby work overtime.
  6. Track all spending.
  7. Access credit card debt, write it all down.
  8. Take 5% of each paycheck and put it to savings.
  9. Take 5% of each paycheck and put it to credit card debt.
  10.  Track my action steps and check them off when completed.
Those were 12 action steps, and the best part is those can be broken down into even smaller steps in you wanted to. Our minds love having small wins, and action steps every day, 3 is recommended, is one way to crush your goals!

Feel completely out of whack and not sure where to create your goals, let alone create the action steps to crush them!? I have a blueprint that is changing the game for myself and 1000s of others. Click here to get my free setting goals workshop + my LIVE training on creating action steps! And as always, if you’re wanting to talk 1:1 about your life, email me at

Being Intentional – It Changes Your Tomorrow

When we are overwhelmed, trying new things, or attempting to keep it all together, we are in survival mode. Literally you are trying to make it through the day in one piece. How in the world could I even attempt to be intentional with my time, my thinking, and my business?

It’s no easy task, it takes lots of discipline. This is something we all struggle with in one shape or form. Normally the things we lack the most intentionality or discipline in are the things that we need the most…

Here are 3 tips to get you being more intentional and disciplined.
1. Start Small – nothing is worse than setting a huge intention and then realizing you’re setting yourself up for failure. Be real with yourself and start small. Making a to do list and prioritizing it. It can be that easy! Then check things off when you complete them. Dopamine hit for the win!

2. Set Goals – goals don’t have to be scary. Everyone needs something to work toward. We all have a to do list whether that be at work or home. Those are a type of goal setting. In this case, set your short-term goals. What are you going to accomplish in the next month or 2?

3. Be Disciplined – Ugh we hear it all the time, but being disciplined is being consistent, creating new habits, and really focusing on your goals! Oh, and action! Challenge yourself for 21 days – experts say it only takes 21 days to establish a new habit! Be intentional and make it count!

Now I have gotten better at being intentional, but here are a few things I’ve implemented to ensure I am able to stay intentional and disciplined.
1. Accountability partner – the hubby and I set goals, have to do lists, and share the responsibilities. Then we give each other permission to point things out when things aren’t going the way they should be. No judgement marriage here.

2. Having a strategy, a plan of action to prevent overwhelm. This involves research, asking others, and simply trial and error. 21 days to establish a new habit though so give it some time to work.

3. Investing in myself and my future by getting involved with Oola and their lifestyle framework. Balancing the 7 key areas of life!

Balance in life is huge and when one part of your life is unbalanced, it affects the others too. Here’s how you get your personalized blueprint to keep you intentional, balanced, and moving forward in life! Enroll here!

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Daily Action Steps for the Win!

Running Your Business With Your Spouse

One of the most asked questions when people realize I run my agency with my husband is…how in the world do you manage not to kill him!? Yes, this question is asked a lot and phrased in many ways. I’ll give you some insight into how we do it successfully.

Working with your spouse is never easy, but when you have boundaries and a clear path forward, things can become much more feasible. Here’s an example, in your household, everyone has their tasks or chores they do. Same thing happens when you work together. You all have your assigned duties in the business.

Now, you’re like – I understand what you’re saying here, but how in the world do you not rip each other’s head off!? It’s simple, we know how to communicate effectively. Look, our marriage was headed for divorce because this aspect was working at about 10% instead of 100%. I was always right; he couldn’t do anything right. That’s not what we wanted, but that’s what was happening. We were all over the place and the last thing we cared about was communicating. We continuously blamed each other for everything, and no one was listening.

I know there is more than one of you reading this and shaking your head yes! Communicating effectively is a hard thing to do especially with no judgement for the other person’s opinion or thoughts on a subject. Many people don’t realize they listen to reply instead of listen to learn and then reply. When I switched to listen to learn and then reply, asking questions for clarification, and not judging my husband for whatever the conversation was about, real change happens in every aspect of your life.

Back to running the business together. We have set duties which were assigned due to the strengths of each of us. We have a no judgement marriage which means we have a no judgement business too. You’re open to feedback especially when the duties you have assigned intersect with each other, which let me tell you, they do ALL.THE.TIME!

Bottom line, get your communication in line in your marriage, then working together is going to be the next natural move for your success. Boundaries, no judgement, effective communication! Get our free guide here and start implementing this 6 ways to communicate!


A Healthy Support System, the Thing that Changed Everything!

Almost everyone has a support system, but the quality of that support system can make or break your person or business. It’s all about the atmosphere you’re in, the people you surround yourself with. Those people that talk negatively and complain a lot, aren’t your support system to be frank!

I define a support system simply as select individuals that care for you in some way. A healthy support system consists of individuals that love, care for, and cheer you on in your endeavors. These support systems are in place to keep you motivated, help you out, and encourage you to do the hard things. You know, step out of your comfort zone, and pursue your passions!

These people know you well, they know how to speak to you, give constructive feedback, they don’t judge you, but listen to learn. These are the people that know you and sometimes have those moments where you’re like, “You have to be in my head, because I was just thinking that!”

I have had many of my clients, when I reach out to check in, say to me, “I was just thinking how overwhelmed I was and how I needed help, then I got your message!” You guys, these are my clients, I have met none of them in person, only over zoom and they know I have their back when they need it the most, even when they don’t ask for it!

All of that to say, you need a support system at home, you and your spouse need to have some amazing support and communication with each other. This is one of the most vital relationships in your life and in your business! The only one greater is God! For those of you that believe in a higher power, you know what I’m talking about.

Goes something like this:
God - Spouse - Family - Friends - Business

When you have a healthy support system, you will be unstoppable! You know why, because those people aren’t going to let you fail, they are going to pick you up when you fall and carry you if they have to! Get yourself one of those!

Not sure how to get a stellar and healthy support system, join my group right here where my husband and I talk about that incredibly vital relationship – your marriage, how to discover your passion, but in the meantime survive that job, and then how to get on that path to your purpose and abundance! Yes, we have done these things ourselves!

Oh, and here’s our 6 ways to talk to your spouse with respect! Yes, all of these, you can start now and start to see an improvement in your marriage talk!

Dreams = Reality – What!?

A friend asked me last week to think about my ultimate goal for the future. This is something my husband and I have talked about many times. As a dream of course, next to none of it seemed like it could really be reality…until now!
Here is how we envision our future. We want to travel the US at the very least, maybe venture outside too! Who knows!? We have thought about this in a few different ways, but ultimately, we want to get an RV and go from campground to campground all around the US. There are little things, which are actually big in reality, that we have been doing to strive for this ultimate goal.
We homeschool our children already, always have, so that’s not an issue. We did buy a house, but we could always sell if we decided to. More recently, I figured out a way to work completely from home, even on the go as a virtual assistant and marriage coach. Yes, all my passions put together.
The best part about ALL this is my husband and I are doing this together! Marriage coaches and virtual assistants. Then we are going to throw author in the mix by the end of the year! Fingers crossed!
Why would we take on sooo many things? – Simply because we both have a drive to assist in problem solving and LOVE to get people to work together and recognize themselves and their abilities. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us, but I cannot wait to see how many businesses, marriages, and families we are going to be able to impact with our mission!
Our mission is to help people that hate their jobs, survive now, then break free onto their path to their true purpose in this world to ultimately live abundantly as they choose! #breakingfreewiththegaults
Want to learn more about our journey to recognize that our dream can be a reality? Hop on into our Facebook group where we talk about surviving that dreaded workday, ways to have less stress, genuine connection in your relationships, and ultimate freedom in your future doing something you love! Let’s do this! – Join here!