Why I Use the Pomodero Technique in My Life & Business

There's no doubt that ADHD can make productivity a challenge. But with the right techniques, you can overcome any hurdle and get things done. In this blog post, I'm going to share how I use the Pomodero Technique to boost my productivity. Stay tuned for tips that will help you get more done in less time!

So what is the Pomodoro Technique? It is a time management technique used by many to break work into intervals with breaks. Traditionally, there are 25 minute work sessions followed by 5-15 minute breaks. Whatever works for you.

How does the Pomodoro Technique work? You simply set a goal, an intention of what you are going to accomplish for that 25 minute session, then you set a timer for 25 minutes and start working. When your timer goes off, you take a break. Then repeat.How does the Pomodero Technique help ADHD entrepreneurs? It gives you a focus, knock out tasks you’ve struggled to complete, helps you not procrastinate, be more productive, and create urgency without being super stressful.

How does coworking and the Pomodoro Technique work? It’s quite simple, I use the Pomodero Technique in my virtual coworking sessions. Depending on how in depth we go, I offer free and paid sessions, depends on how many rounds we go.

It’s always good to take note of any distractions, squirrel moments, or things that got in your way of achieving your goal.

Coworking is a technique that works well combined with the Pomodero Technique to create focus, body doubling, and a distraction free zone usually.

You can use this same technique in your home when you have big projects to get done. Spend 25 minutes cleaning and take a 10 minute break. Repeat until the task is done. Make sure you reward yourself for a job well done too.

If you want to get the most out of your day and be productive, try using the Pomodero Technique. You may also find that coworking is a great way to boost productivity when it comes time to work on your business and those tasks that are always on your to-do list.. Join my community for weekly coworking sessions where we use the Pomodero Technique to help us ADHD entrepreneurs get things done! Join the community here.

How to Find an Excellent Accountability Partner

We all know that we need to find an accountability partner to stay on track with our goals. But where do you start? In this blog post, I will be chatting about tips and tricks for finding the perfect accountability partner so you can finally get your life back on track!     
First of all, what is an accountability partner and why do we need one?
  • An accountability partner is someone who will hold you accountable to your goals. They are a great tool for helping us reach our dreams and aspirations!
So how do we find an excellent accountability partner?
  • It can be difficult to find a good accountability partner. However, there are some important things you should look for in the person that will help them work with you and keep you moving forward.
    • One, make sure they share similar values as you.
    • Two, make sure they have time to commit to this partnership. The last thing we want is stress and frustration.
    • Three, don't choose someone who is too competitive especially if you aren’t competitive. This can become incredibly frustrating.
    • Four, ask them what types of things might motivate them and see if you can work together.
What are some of the benefits of an accountability partner?
  • An accountability partner is one of the most powerful tools to help you achieve your goals. This person can really push one’s motivation by providing support, encouragement, or even constructive feedback. They are not always easy to find but it can make all the difference in getting things done efficiently while still maintaining some balance between fun activities and work-related tasks!
How to make your relationship with your accountability partner work for you.
  • Set clear expectations from the start for each other. Do not be overpowering, but sensitive to what your partner needs to be successful. This goes back to what motivates your accountability partner to continue moving. This is a long-term relationship; you are committing to their goals too. Make sure it’s a good fit before committing and goal crushing will prevail.
It’s important to have a partner who will hold you accountable for your actions and success. An accountability partner can be your best friend, spouse or coworker that supports you in reaching your goals while also giving constructive feedback on how to improve. This person should do more than just provide support; they need to challenge you when necessary, so that together, you can make progress every day.

If this sounds like something that would help with achieving your long-term goal, then we encourage you to find an accountability partner today! Some people are afraid to be held accountable because of past experiences, check out this video where I talk about what to do when accountability feels like an attack.

Creating Action Steps to Crush Goals

We all want to crush goals! We most certainly want that dopamine rush that we get when we check another goal or another step off the list! It's all about our mind. Discipline, direction, accountability, and a way to check things off!!! That's it!

Ok, I know you’re saying that it cannot be that easy, and you’d be right…to a point. It takes setting SMART goals to begin with. Check out this blog post for more on setting smart goals. (INSERT LINK) Then it takes creating a clear plan to get from where you are now, to where you must be to achieve that goal you set for yourself, etc. Creating action steps after setting your goals is simply a step-by-step plan of what you are going to physically do to get yourself to your goal. 

Here’s my real life example:
I want to become financially stable. Currently I have credit card debt, car loans, a mortgage and zero savings. Ouch! That is no where near financially stable, is it? 
Here are my 2 financial goals, take note they are in the SMART format:
  1. Have $2,000 in savings by the end of 2021.
  2. Pay down 10% of my credit card debt by the end of 2021.
I have my goals, now how am I going to get there? My old mindset wouldn’t be thinking I could do it. So, action step #1: change my mindset to my finances and my abilities. 

Action Steps to Crushing My 2 Financial Goals:
To Change My Mindset
  1. Read a personal development book
  2. Do daily affirmations
To Obtain a Savings of $2,000 and Pay Down 10% of My Credit Card Debt by the end of 2021
  1. Create a monthly budget.
  2. Have a monthly meeting with hubby.
  3. Get rid of unnecessary expenses/subscriptions, etc.
  4. Sell things that are sitting around we no longer use.
  5. Hubby work overtime.
  6. Track all spending.
  7. Access credit card debt, write it all down.
  8. Take 5% of each paycheck and put it to savings.
  9. Take 5% of each paycheck and put it to credit card debt.
  10.  Track my action steps and check them off when completed.
Those were 12 action steps, and the best part is those can be broken down into even smaller steps in you wanted to. Our minds love having small wins, and action steps every day, 3 is recommended, is one way to crush your goals!

Feel completely out of whack and not sure where to create your goals, let alone create the action steps to crush them!? I have a blueprint that is changing the game for myself and 1000s of others. Click here to get my free setting goals workshop + my LIVE training on creating action steps! And as always, if you’re wanting to talk 1:1 about your life, email me at hello@gaultvirtualagency.com

4 Steps to Setting Goals That Lead to Success

Setting goals will lead to success! You read that right! You just need to ensure you’re setting proper goals for yourself and not crazy ambitious goals you wouldn’t realistically be able to achieve. Let’s set you up for success with your goals in life and rid your mind of any failure.

What runs through your head when you’re thinking about goals? Maybe it’s New Year’s Resolutions…It certainly does mine and it doesn’t have good memories associated with the goal setting. Many of us don’t make it to the end of January successfully, let alone the whole year. Now let’s figure out how to make goals we can crush! Let’s get started with some short-term goals for this exercise.

First, we must understand how to set a goal we can achieve. We follow this format below: SMART.

Time Based
With these in mind, follow these steps to create goals that set you up for success!
STEP 1: What do you want to achieve in life over the next 3 months? Think about these 7 key areas: Fitness, Finance, Family, Field (career), Faith, Friends, and Fun.

STEP 2: Once you’re done brainstorming what you want to achieve, we have to write it down. Write down 7 goals for yourself for the next 3 months. What do you want to achieve by then?

STEP 3: Now we are going to take those goals and prioritize them. Which ones can you achieve within a month? Star those ones. Which ones are a bit bigger, and you are going to need to start working at now and over the next 3 months? Put a square in front of those ones.

STEP 4: Put your goals in a place that you see them every day. This is key for remembering what they are and how you are going to get there.
Remember, simply thinking and writing down your goals isn’t enough to have you be successful! You are going to need some action steps and accountability to get you focused, motivated, and moving toward your own personal success in life! Next week is all about the action steps of this process! Don’t miss that one. I’d love to know some of your goals! Drop your top goal in the comments!

Want an even easier way to set these goals and basically make it a game!? I’m talking about Oola’s Lifestyle Framework that is a personalized program just for you! Get more information here and get to really setting your goals and crushing them!

Being Intentional – It Changes Your Tomorrow

When we are overwhelmed, trying new things, or attempting to keep it all together, we are in survival mode. Literally you are trying to make it through the day in one piece. How in the world could I even attempt to be intentional with my time, my thinking, and my business?

It’s no easy task, it takes lots of discipline. This is something we all struggle with in one shape or form. Normally the things we lack the most intentionality or discipline in are the things that we need the most…

Here are 3 tips to get you being more intentional and disciplined.
1. Start Small – nothing is worse than setting a huge intention and then realizing you’re setting yourself up for failure. Be real with yourself and start small. Making a to do list and prioritizing it. It can be that easy! Then check things off when you complete them. Dopamine hit for the win!

2. Set Goals – goals don’t have to be scary. Everyone needs something to work toward. We all have a to do list whether that be at work or home. Those are a type of goal setting. In this case, set your short-term goals. What are you going to accomplish in the next month or 2?

3. Be Disciplined – Ugh we hear it all the time, but being disciplined is being consistent, creating new habits, and really focusing on your goals! Oh, and action! Challenge yourself for 21 days – experts say it only takes 21 days to establish a new habit! Be intentional and make it count!

Now I have gotten better at being intentional, but here are a few things I’ve implemented to ensure I am able to stay intentional and disciplined.
1. Accountability partner – the hubby and I set goals, have to do lists, and share the responsibilities. Then we give each other permission to point things out when things aren’t going the way they should be. No judgement marriage here.

2. Having a strategy, a plan of action to prevent overwhelm. This involves research, asking others, and simply trial and error. 21 days to establish a new habit though so give it some time to work.

3. Investing in myself and my future by getting involved with Oola and their lifestyle framework. Balancing the 7 key areas of life!

Balance in life is huge and when one part of your life is unbalanced, it affects the others too. Here’s how you get your personalized blueprint to keep you intentional, balanced, and moving forward in life! Enroll here!

Have questions? Reach out to me and we will have a chat! Email me at hello@gaultvirtualagency.com

Daily Action Steps for the Win!

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