Creating Action Steps to Crush Goals

We all want to crush goals! We most certainly want that dopamine rush that we get when we check another goal or another step off the list! It's all about our mind. Discipline, direction, accountability, and a way to check things off!!! That's it!

Ok, I know you’re saying that it cannot be that easy, and you’d be right…to a point. It takes setting SMART goals to begin with. Check out this blog post for more on setting smart goals. (INSERT LINK) Then it takes creating a clear plan to get from where you are now, to where you must be to achieve that goal you set for yourself, etc. Creating action steps after setting your goals is simply a step-by-step plan of what you are going to physically do to get yourself to your goal. 

Here’s my real life example:
I want to become financially stable. Currently I have credit card debt, car loans, a mortgage and zero savings. Ouch! That is no where near financially stable, is it? 
Here are my 2 financial goals, take note they are in the SMART format:
  1. Have $2,000 in savings by the end of 2021.
  2. Pay down 10% of my credit card debt by the end of 2021.
I have my goals, now how am I going to get there? My old mindset wouldn’t be thinking I could do it. So, action step #1: change my mindset to my finances and my abilities. 

Action Steps to Crushing My 2 Financial Goals:
To Change My Mindset
  1. Read a personal development book
  2. Do daily affirmations
To Obtain a Savings of $2,000 and Pay Down 10% of My Credit Card Debt by the end of 2021
  1. Create a monthly budget.
  2. Have a monthly meeting with hubby.
  3. Get rid of unnecessary expenses/subscriptions, etc.
  4. Sell things that are sitting around we no longer use.
  5. Hubby work overtime.
  6. Track all spending.
  7. Access credit card debt, write it all down.
  8. Take 5% of each paycheck and put it to savings.
  9. Take 5% of each paycheck and put it to credit card debt.
  10.  Track my action steps and check them off when completed.
Those were 12 action steps, and the best part is those can be broken down into even smaller steps in you wanted to. Our minds love having small wins, and action steps every day, 3 is recommended, is one way to crush your goals!

Feel completely out of whack and not sure where to create your goals, let alone create the action steps to crush them!? I have a blueprint that is changing the game for myself and 1000s of others. Click here to get my free setting goals workshop + my LIVE training on creating action steps! And as always, if you’re wanting to talk 1:1 about your life, email me at

HoneyBook – Client Management >>> My Biz Toolbox

All the technology and programs out there to choose from makes things a bit more difficult when deciding what to use for your personal business! That’s why I created this series and compiled my favorites I use in my own biz!

Before HoneyBook, I had no contracts working hourly using PayPal and word documents to keep track of things. After HoneyBook, I have a system, contracts, and a way to save so.much.time! The best part is, it’s all in one spot! YES!!!!

Top Reasons I Love HoneyBook

> Templates!! Templates for everything! From contracts to emails to questionnaires! Start from the template HoneyBook provides and tweak to send to your specific client! OR create your own! Easy button right there!

>> Contracts + Payment = Amazing! And the best part is, it’s mostly automated thanks to the templates and automation. Fill in a full fields for your specific client and you’re off to even better things!

>>> Email all in one spot! You put in your email you want HoneyBook to send as and when your client replies it comes right back into HoneyBook so it’s all in one spot and you can easily follow the emails.

>>>> Invoices if you’re accepting payment on a as needed basis. Log your hours and it seamlessly let’s you add those to an invoice and send! Setting due dates etc.

>>>>> Workflows! You can create a workflow template for different projects, add it to your client and you’re back to doing more of what you love! Automation is a huge time saver!

If you can believe it, there’s way more to HoneyBook and I only went over 5 reasons I LOVE it! I didn’t even mention the scheduling feature, tracking your income and expenses, and contact forms!

If you are a small business, entrepreneur, coach, or a virtual assistant, I would seriously look into HoneyBook! It’s affordable and has sooo many benefits to you and your clients! Check it out here! Get 20% off your first year for simply using this link!

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My Favorite Scheduling Tool – My Biz Toolbox

Are you a coach, virtual assistant, or anything that has to do with scheduling appointments to meet 1 on 1? If this is you, I want to introduce you to my most favorite scheduling tool of all time! Why, because it saves me countless hours a month! In the month of March, I saved 11 hours!! Time is money and time is valuable!
Ok to the good stuff! What can this tool do for you!? Save you time and keep you organized so you can keep your sanity! Allows you to look professional and not overbook yourself! Almost completely automated!
Ok the features and benefits to you when using this tool!
1. Your linked Google calendar keeps you up to date because your assistant (yes you get an assistant) sends you an email every morning on what your meetings or to dos are for the day that you have in your calendar!

2. Your assistant sends a reminder email to your client the morning of your meeting with the meeting link and time. You also receive a reminder with all the information your client submitted when they booked the appointment with you.

3. You can ask your clients questions when they schedule the meeting. This allows you to be prepared for that meeting and shorten the length of the meeting. I was able to shorten my meetings a full 30 minutes when I started asking these questions.

4. You can take payment for your appointment before they can schedule a time with you. There is also a free option for consults etc.

5. Set your times available, how much time you want before and after a meeting, how much time in advance you need for someone to be added to your calendar, and how far in advance they can schedule.
Ok that was a lot! But I love this scheduling tool so very much! I mean I saved 11 hours in March which is a couple hundred dollars easily for this $8 a month tool! #Mindblown
I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t experience it first-hand! Ok, the name of this amazingly affordable, easy to use tool is Calendar Hero! And guess what, I have this free training I put together for those that want to check it out! Grab that free training right here to get an inside look at Calendar Hero to see if this is going to be something you want to put into action asap in your business!