I am a Virtual Assistant, which means I do projects and keep others organized depending on their needs, that’s my job. When you have more than your own business to keep organized and you love to solve problems, you figure out a system in no time. It’s quite simple and you probably have all the things I’m going to mention here. I love to make things easy peasy!
I use a paper planner to keep things visibly clear to me. The best part is checking it off when you’ve completed the task. My favorite part is when you get to the end of the day and ALL the tasks are checked!! I celebrate every time with something special. That is an accomplishment that should not go unnoticed!! Plus, you can use some pretty cool stickers too!
Now for the one that really keeps me organized and on task if I utilize it properly! Ok let me ask you this, have you ever been working and suddenly you look down and way more time has passed than you thought?? Yep, that happens ALL.THE.TIME to me! The #1 thing I use to keep me from losing my mind is my Gmail calendar. It’s linked to my scheduling system, my husband has access so he knows what’s going on, and I use it to remind me to move onto the next task and/or I have an appointment coming up.

Not only is this FREE, but it can be easily accessible on a cell phone and we always have our phones with us no matter where we go. Another thing is you can set reminders and as many as you want. I kept leaving late for my daughter’s piano lesson because time just flew by. I have 5 reminders set so I don’t forget to leave on time. This is how I roll! I love to make things easy and automated whenever possible!

“My Gmail is my personal assistant!” – Karalee
Yep, I walk around telling everyone about this simple thing that I found out people didn’t utilize and soooo should be using! I mean until you can afford a virtual assistant, your Gmail might just be a fantastic steppingstone to keep you more organized now and in the future!

Not sure how all this tech stuff works, I mentioned scheduling system, Gmail, how my hubby has the calendar too. Side note, a separate, but linked calendar….So many questions right?

I have the answers to these and so many others in my Seamless Success to Launching Your Business: Group Coaching. That is where you bring your tech questions + more, and we go over them on a live call! Things included, GetOiling website questions, how to with Canva, scheduling and project systems, Facebook questions, and so much more! It’s a not so tech-savvy person’s dream group coaching. Want to learn more, check out the deets here!


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