The Power of a Support Team for Your Business

It's only 10am and I'm sitting at my desk feeling like the walls are closing in on me. My to-do list is doubling with each passing minute, my kids keep interrupting me, and my deadline feels a million miles away. I need to get these videos done so that we can get them in the course before lunch time but it seems like nothing is going right today.

The first video takes FOREVER to upload because of connection issues which just throws off the whole timeline for how long everything needs to be taking place for today. Finally, it works and I start editing (or trying anyways) but after about 5 minutes, I'm wishing someone would just do it for me. I want to post these videos ASAP but the content just isn't coming when it needs to and there's not enough time.
Have you had this happen to you? You're trying to do soooo many things at once, you're on a strict deadline, it's summer so things just got super crazy, and you're about ready to lose your mind!
First, I need to take a deep breath and calm down. Deep breaths will help me feel less frazzled so that I can focus on the task at hand instead of feeling overwhelmed by my never-ending list of things to do. Next, I try to prioritize what needs to happen first because sometimes just knowing where to start is hard enough.
I think it's also a great thing for getting through the day if you remember why you're doing everything - are you trying to get ahead before going out for the evening? Are you trying not to give into the pressure you've been feeling all week? Sometimes we are just simply too hard on ourselves.
Now, I take another deep breath and start tackling one thing at a time. First, I check up on the kids because they're making too much noise for them not to be causing trouble (I think). Once things settle down in the other room, I go back to editing videos but just as soon as they upload halfway without any issues, there suddenly is no connection! Undeterred by these setbacks though, I know how important it is for us - my family and our business - that we continue to go on.
If you've been feeling overwhelmed with too many tasks, kids who are home for the summer, or are stressed to the max; it may be time for a change. Maybe that virtual assistant is just what you need? Take some deep breaths and give us a call because we can help! We have an expert team of virtual assistants ready to take on your business tasks so you're free from all the daily hassles and stressors. You deserve this break - don't wait any longer!

Keeping Your Sanity as an Entrepreneur

We all have those days where we are completely overwhelmed by our job, our house, our kids, and our sanity is being tested like no other. What do we do in those moments? Do we give up, maybe yell a bit, or maybe we go and take a break for a bit. Does that help? Did you fix the problem that allowed you to get completely overwhelmed to begin with!?
Here’s a little story about my last week and how my sanity was tested sooo many times. As an entrepreneur and more importantly, a virtual assistant, my sanity is tested quite frequently. I love my career path, no doubt, but just like with every other career, it can certainly test your limits. You as a person and the people in your life need to understand these limits and start putting into place a safety net for your sanity.

I own a virtual assistant agency and my overwhelm has come from a massive amount of work and not enough hours in the day for the people in the agency to complete them. That causes insane overwhelm, especially on me. I knew this was coming and now I’m kicking myself for not acting sooner. When you see these problems popping up in your business, address them asap, don’t let them simmer and grow and hide in the corner, because when they appear again, it’s going to be with a vengeance.

So how do I keep my sanity when my job is literally to help entrepreneurs keep their sanity!? It’s simple, I put systems into place, I hire out when needed, and I have a team with my husband. He’s my right-hand man, but that’s a story for another time. To keep your sanity when you are trying to do all the things, is to identify the problem before it becomes a huge problem, start to find solutions, and then act on the solutions before the issue gets out of hand and you’re left overwhelmed, stuck, and making the problem worse.

I say this from a point of I’m here, right now! Listen to your gut, pay attention to what’s going on around you, and DO IT! So my action today is putting out feelers to bring another contractor VA into my agency. If you are interested, apply here.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant can be many things. Most people think a VA is just someone that helps business owners. Whereas that’s true, that’s not all. A virtual assistant is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients remotely from a home office. That’s pretty expansive, which means the possibilities are endless!
Having the possibilities being endless is honestly what trips people up. So as long as it can be done virtually and you are assisting someone, you could be classified as a virtual assistant. #Mindblown
So virtual assistant is the general term for many niches. You can niche down if you choose. For example, let’s say you love social media and you are creative in graphics and in your copy! You could be a Social Media Manager!
I didn’t start out with a niche; I was just a general VA that did a lot of tech things too. I started there to see what I was good at and who I was attracting. I niched down into a Business Launching Virtual Assistant and Coach and scaled to an agency in the process. I help new entrepreneurs put systems into place to launch, then also coach them to help with accountability and get their ideas flowing. Since I’m also heavy in the tech realm, many of these clients come to me to just do it for them. I’m all about coaching them through the process of learning how to manage or do it themselves for the future. This coaching also includes aspiring VAs since you are an entrepreneur too!
Want to know what your niche options are and how to get the ball rolling on that, check out my 5-day challenge in my Free Facebook Community! Join the 5-day challenge, “Finding Your Niche in the VA World,” right here! Having a niche allows you to talk to the right people and ultimately love your job! Come hang with us!

When Do I Take the Leap to Outsource!? – Business Questions 101

Outsourcing is a big part of running a business. Everyone does it, whether that be a caterer for a wedding, or a company to restock the vending machines, everyone outsources something. We cannot possibly do it all by ourselves, well not efficiently anyway when the amount of work starts to eat its way into the work/life balance we all need!
You outsource many of your business needs to a virtual assistant. Some of these people are solo and some have an entire agency to accommodate you. Solo virtual assistants are amazing, they work with you the whole way and there isn’t anyone else working on your projects. This type of solo job can get your virtual assistant in a bind when the number of hours needed to be efficient outweigh the number of hours you actually have available.
That’s when many VAs start to scale to an agency. An agency is a group of VAs dedicated to serving their clients the owner of the agency brings them. They stand on the motto of the agency and strive for that in every project they do. This allows the agency to provide incredible support to serve their clients even better. Everyone can maintain a work/life balance this way, but the agency owner can bring in more clients without feeling maxed out.
So, have you thought of outsourcing some tasks that are weighing on you? We all have them including this VA! I brought on a video editor to help myself and my clients with their videos for courses and YouTube etc. I brought on a admin assistant to keep me moving on projects and not weighed down in all the admin things. That same assistant does admin work for other clients too! She’s my admin superhero!
These are the types of people that we need in our court. People that ultimately want to see you succeed! You can certainly count on us here at Gault Virtual Agency! We offer many services for busy small business owners and entrepreneurs! We want you to have thee best work/life balance possible! Curious to know what a Virtual Assistant can do for you!? Get my free guide on how to use a VA in your biz and what the crazy benefits are for you!
Already ready to get started and see if we would be a good fit to work together, schedule your free 30 minute consultation here!