What My Burnout Week Revealed: Lessons and Gratitude

What My Burnout Week Revealed: Lessons and Gratitude
In the whirl of life and business, it's not uncommon to find ourselves caught in the relentless pursuit of more: more clients, more projects, more revenue. I’ve recently navigated through such a phase, and I’d like to share my journey and the profound lessons it brought to my attention.

Over the last seven weeks, my business life has been a whirlwind of activity: welcoming three new clients, managing four total new projects, integrating a Virtual Assistant (VA) into my workflow, participating in a new mastermind group, and balancing two out-of-state trips (one personal and one for a business retreat). This period was marked by an energy roller coaster and culminated in February becoming a record month for revenue. However, this frenetic (marked by fast and energetic, disordered, or anxiety-driven activity) pace led to an intense episode of burnout last week. By 5pm daily, I was completely drained, resorting to napping for three hours and sleeping over 10 hours each night.

Reflecting on this whirlwind period, it’s clear I could only weather this storm through robust systems, firm boundaries, and the support of aligned clients and team members. My family's understanding and backing were equally crucial, enabling me to maintain some semblance of balance despite the demands on my time and energy.

In hindsight, the life and business I’m leading now would have seemed like a distant dream just two years ago. It's a testament to the fruits of labor, the importance of staying the course, seeking support, and committing to personal development.

The past seven weeks have underscored several practices that lent me strength:
1. Delegating tasks
2. Seeking support when needed
3.  Joining a mastermind with inspiring women
4. Being authentic
5. Practicing honesty with myself
6. Prioritizing relaxation, such as reading for fun
7. Maintaining social connections through coffee dates
8. Managing my finances diligently
9. Refining my operations for efficiency
10. Infusing fun into my work and life

This journey also bestowed upon me a few critical lessons:
1. The power of asking for clarity
2. Acknowledging that it doesn't have to be hard
3. Realizing I can do less and still receive more
4. Accepting that people genuinely want to support me
5. Recognizing the significant impact of my work with clients and allowing myself to receive what they have to say

As we move through the year, even if it’s just seven weeks in, it’s pivotal to reflect on our progress and reassess our paths. Consider what you’ve learned, identify what no longer serves you, think about the relationships you wish to strengthen, and evaluate what aspects of your business need refinement.

My burnout week, though challenging, served as a crucial period of learning. It revealed my true capacity and provided a valuable opportunity to recalibrate my life and business strategies to support my long-term wellbeing.

I share this story in the hope that it resonates with you and sparks meaningful reflection on your journey. Deep conversations and shared experiences are the keys to unlocking genuine support systems. I’d be honored to hear your thoughts and what this message has stirred within you.

With love and solidarity on your journey,

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