Setting goals will lead to success! You read that right! You just need to ensure you’re setting proper goals for yourself and not crazy ambitious goals you wouldn’t realistically be able to achieve. Let’s set you up for success with your goals in life and rid your mind of any failure.

What runs through your head when you’re thinking about goals? Maybe it’s New Year’s Resolutions…It certainly does mine and it doesn’t have good memories associated with the goal setting. Many of us don’t make it to the end of January successfully, let alone the whole year. Now let’s figure out how to make goals we can crush! Let’s get started with some short-term goals for this exercise.

First, we must understand how to set a goal we can achieve. We follow this format below: SMART.

Time Based
With these in mind, follow these steps to create goals that set you up for success!
STEP 1: What do you want to achieve in life over the next 3 months? Think about these 7 key areas: Fitness, Finance, Family, Field (career), Faith, Friends, and Fun.

STEP 2: Once you’re done brainstorming what you want to achieve, we have to write it down. Write down 7 goals for yourself for the next 3 months. What do you want to achieve by then?

STEP 3: Now we are going to take those goals and prioritize them. Which ones can you achieve within a month? Star those ones. Which ones are a bit bigger, and you are going to need to start working at now and over the next 3 months? Put a square in front of those ones.

STEP 4: Put your goals in a place that you see them every day. This is key for remembering what they are and how you are going to get there.
Remember, simply thinking and writing down your goals isn’t enough to have you be successful! You are going to need some action steps and accountability to get you focused, motivated, and moving toward your own personal success in life! Next week is all about the action steps of this process! Don’t miss that one. I’d love to know some of your goals! Drop your top goal in the comments!

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