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Brain dumping and being neurodivergent can lead to an instant freeze and overwhelm depending on a few factors. Today I want to share with you a few different techniques I’ve found to be very helpful to get all the things out of your brain.

Hey I’m Karalee - Productivity Strategist for Neurodivergent Entrepreneurs

You may be asking what a brain dump even is. A brain dump is when you take all the tasks, projects, and things out of your brain and get them to a list.

Let’s get started with the way you process information.

Do you consider yourself a verbal or visual processor - or a combination of the 2.

I am personally a combination of the 2.


  1. Grab a sheet of paper or open a document.
  2. Brain dump, take all the thoughts, the lists, and put them on paper. It doesn’t have to remotely be organized.

You may also be saying, but I cannot get the things out of my head. Brain dumping doesn’t work.

Try this!


  1. Get a recording app for on the go thoughts or record yourself talking about all the things on your mind.
  2. You can use a transcription service like [otter.ai](http://otter.ai) to record. [if you have the free version, simply set your phone up to the computer and press record on otter and play on your device.]
  3. Or you can manually take notes from listening to your voice recording pausing as needed. [this mimics our frequent need to learn and process that way.]
  4. Create your list from there. Grab a sheet of paper or open a document.

Organizing the Brain Dump List

  1. Start categorizing the list. Group like things together like all admin tasks, or project tasks, whatever that looks like.
  2. After they are grouped together, what is the most needle moving things on it - what is something that will help you bring in income.
  3. Star or highlight those things.
  4. Use another form of special marking to mark the necessities. Like if these things aren’t done, my business doesn’t run. VIP admin tasks, lead generation, marketing.
  5. Prioritize these tasks!

To learn more about how I store the tasks all together in an online task management system, check out this Masterclass I did: Transform Your Stress List into Something Motivating.

I go over what we just talked about and so much more! Link to grab that free masterclass HERE.


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