Almost everyone has a support system, but the quality of that support system can make or break your person or business. It’s all about the atmosphere you’re in, the people you surround yourself with. Those people that talk negatively and complain a lot, aren’t your support system to be frank!

I define a support system simply as select individuals that care for you in some way. A healthy support system consists of individuals that love, care for, and cheer you on in your endeavors. These support systems are in place to keep you motivated, help you out, and encourage you to do the hard things. You know, step out of your comfort zone, and pursue your passions!

These people know you well, they know how to speak to you, give constructive feedback, they don’t judge you, but listen to learn. These are the people that know you and sometimes have those moments where you’re like, “You have to be in my head, because I was just thinking that!”

I have had many of my clients, when I reach out to check in, say to me, “I was just thinking how overwhelmed I was and how I needed help, then I got your message!” You guys, these are my clients, I have met none of them in person, only over zoom and they know I have their back when they need it the most, even when they don’t ask for it!

All of that to say, you need a support system at home, you and your spouse need to have some amazing support and communication with each other. This is one of the most vital relationships in your life and in your business! The only one greater is God! For those of you that believe in a higher power, you know what I’m talking about.

Goes something like this:
God - Spouse - Family - Friends - Business

When you have a healthy support system, you will be unstoppable! You know why, because those people aren’t going to let you fail, they are going to pick you up when you fall and carry you if they have to! Get yourself one of those!

Not sure how to get a stellar and healthy support system, join my group right here where my husband and I talk about that incredibly vital relationship – your marriage, how to discover your passion, but in the meantime survive that job, and then how to get on that path to your purpose and abundance! Yes, we have done these things ourselves!

Oh, and here’s our 6 ways to talk to your spouse with respect! Yes, all of these, you can start now and start to see an improvement in your marriage talk!


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