Outsourcing is a big part of running a business. Everyone does it, whether that be a caterer for a wedding, or a company to restock the vending machines, everyone outsources something. We cannot possibly do it all by ourselves, well not efficiently anyway when the amount of work starts to eat its way into the work/life balance we all need!
You outsource many of your business needs to a virtual assistant. Some of these people are solo and some have an entire agency to accommodate you. Solo virtual assistants are amazing, they work with you the whole way and there isn’t anyone else working on your projects. This type of solo job can get your virtual assistant in a bind when the number of hours needed to be efficient outweigh the number of hours you actually have available.
That’s when many VAs start to scale to an agency. An agency is a group of VAs dedicated to serving their clients the owner of the agency brings them. They stand on the motto of the agency and strive for that in every project they do. This allows the agency to provide incredible support to serve their clients even better. Everyone can maintain a work/life balance this way, but the agency owner can bring in more clients without feeling maxed out.
So, have you thought of outsourcing some tasks that are weighing on you? We all have them including this VA! I brought on a video editor to help myself and my clients with their videos for courses and YouTube etc. I brought on a admin assistant to keep me moving on projects and not weighed down in all the admin things. That same assistant does admin work for other clients too! She’s my admin superhero!
These are the types of people that we need in our court. People that ultimately want to see you succeed! You can certainly count on us here at Gault Virtual Agency! We offer many services for busy small business owners and entrepreneurs! We want you to have thee best work/life balance possible! Curious to know what a Virtual Assistant can do for you!? Get my free guide on how to use a VA in your biz and what the crazy benefits are for you!
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