A virtual assistant can be many things. Most people think a VA is just someone that helps business owners. Whereas that’s true, that’s not all. A virtual assistant is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients remotely from a home office. That’s pretty expansive, which means the possibilities are endless!
Having the possibilities being endless is honestly what trips people up. So as long as it can be done virtually and you are assisting someone, you could be classified as a virtual assistant. #Mindblown
So virtual assistant is the general term for many niches. You can niche down if you choose. For example, let’s say you love social media and you are creative in graphics and in your copy! You could be a Social Media Manager!
I didn’t start out with a niche; I was just a general VA that did a lot of tech things too. I started there to see what I was good at and who I was attracting. I niched down into a Business Launching Virtual Assistant and Coach and scaled to an agency in the process. I help new entrepreneurs put systems into place to launch, then also coach them to help with accountability and get their ideas flowing. Since I’m also heavy in the tech realm, many of these clients come to me to just do it for them. I’m all about coaching them through the process of learning how to manage or do it themselves for the future. This coaching also includes aspiring VAs since you are an entrepreneur too!
Want to know what your niche options are and how to get the ball rolling on that, check out my 5-day challenge in my Free Facebook Community! Join the 5-day challenge, “Finding Your Niche in the VA World,” right here! Having a niche allows you to talk to the right people and ultimately love your job! Come hang with us!


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