If someone told me a year ago, I would be running my own business successfully, I would have laughed in their face. I have no degree and from experience, no one would hire me.

So, I proceeded to figure out ways to work from home so I could have more time with my family, more time to homeschool, and hopefully not have a disaster of a house all the time. 

I researched and pivoted constantly working on creating an income from home. There were a lot of long days in the beginning. My personality has me immersed in figuring everything out. 

My virtual assistant job fell into my lap 6 months after trying to make other things work. I was ignoring my true potential for a looong time! I booked my first client, she loved my efficiency, the finished product, and continued to rave about me. That led to a few more clients. Before I knew it, my little gig I didn’t even realize I was good at had a 90% referral rate and a 90% conversion rate.

Yes, I scaled to an agency in 3 months. I didn’t do all this on my own. I contribute so much of my success to the very people that are my clients, my coaches, and my hubby for always being supportive of this dream to work from home.

Before we knew it, we had set a date to bring him home from his incredibly toxic factory job. He came home 2 months early! Talk about crushing goals. Scaled to an agency and brought my husband home.

Yes, you can do it too! You can become a virtual assistant. You can become that entrepreneur that allows you to do what you love, to run at those dreams head on.

Since I have had such success with this business and because I love to continue advancing my skills, being a virtual assistant was the right choice for me. Want to see if becoming a virtual assistant is right for you? Join our free group where Tyler and I talk about having a work/life balance and getting our relationships right, because let's be honest, they impact our businesses a lot, we are going to talk about how to become a virtual assistant and how you can work with and support entrepreneurs!

Karalee Gault - CEO
Gault Virtual Agency


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