We are all busy no matter what our job entails.

Time management is something everyone struggles with at some point in their life. Personally, I feel when you are an entrepreneur that has taken a career path where you can set your own schedule, you are more apt to be harder on yourself. Think about it, are you harder on yourself?
When you get your time management down, you are following a schedule, you know exactly what you need to have done and by when, etc. That is when real change and success starts to happen.
Here is my 3-step process to put my mind at ease and get things done! I encourage you to try out. Let me know what you think in the comments.

1. Write a to-do list every Friday for the next week – Everything that needs done in your business for the next week. EVERYTHING!

2. Prioritize and segment every task into time slots. We all have little time slots, now give each task an estimated time to complete and prioritize each list.

3. During the week as you have 10 minutes to do some work, do your top task from your 10-minute slot and so on. Dopamine hit here we come.

Now your mind can relax and enjoy the weekend with family. When next week gets here, you’re ready to run at it! You have a plan – wrote out, segmented into time slots, and prioritized!
I cannot take credit for this whole 3-step process, my gal Becky suggested part of this in group coaching and I added to it! The value in group coaching is amazing! Group coaching can help you with your time management sooo much. Gives you accountability, a springboard for your ideas instead of you thinking about it far too long, a place to get clarity, and a place to make friends and network!
I suggest every entrepreneur be in some type of business coaching for themselves to continue learning and to stay in the mindset to succeed. If you are a virtual assistant, coach, or any other type of entrepreneur, my group coaching is open to you. We get your foundation laid, a clear path forward, crazy support, and LIVE hands-on training.

Thinking about it!? Take the leap! For more information and to check out what others are saying, get it all here! – click here! 


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