One of the most asked questions when people realize I run my agency with my husband is…how in the world do you manage not to kill him!? Yes, this question is asked a lot and phrased in many ways. I’ll give you some insight into how we do it successfully.

Working with your spouse is never easy, but when you have boundaries and a clear path forward, things can become much more feasible. Here’s an example, in your household, everyone has their tasks or chores they do. Same thing happens when you work together. You all have your assigned duties in the business.

Now, you’re like – I understand what you’re saying here, but how in the world do you not rip each other’s head off!? It’s simple, we know how to communicate effectively. Look, our marriage was headed for divorce because this aspect was working at about 10% instead of 100%. I was always right; he couldn’t do anything right. That’s not what we wanted, but that’s what was happening. We were all over the place and the last thing we cared about was communicating. We continuously blamed each other for everything, and no one was listening.

I know there is more than one of you reading this and shaking your head yes! Communicating effectively is a hard thing to do especially with no judgement for the other person’s opinion or thoughts on a subject. Many people don’t realize they listen to reply instead of listen to learn and then reply. When I switched to listen to learn and then reply, asking questions for clarification, and not judging my husband for whatever the conversation was about, real change happens in every aspect of your life.

Back to running the business together. We have set duties which were assigned due to the strengths of each of us. We have a no judgement marriage which means we have a no judgement business too. You’re open to feedback especially when the duties you have assigned intersect with each other, which let me tell you, they do ALL.THE.TIME!

Bottom line, get your communication in line in your marriage, then working together is going to be the next natural move for your success. Boundaries, no judgement, effective communication! Get our free guide here and start implementing this 6 ways to communicate!



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