I’ve heard and I’ve experienced it. I’m too busy to add another thing on my plate…then we do. My house is a disaster, we have next to no food in the house, and the kids are just little tornados destroying things behind me. I’m at my wits end, my last nerve is almost severed, and I’m literally going to scream and cuss if I don’t get things under control…now! My mind is seriously trying to be patient, but it’s sooo not working. I have a million things to finish! Literal sigh of being defeated, exhausted, and angry.

This is something far too many people deal with especially with young kids. I think back to when my kids were toddlers and wish I would’ve taken the time to learn some productivity hacks along with mindset shifts. Everyone talks about mindset and the words you say to yourself and how important they are. I blew it off for years. Are you that person right now, reading this, telling yourself your mindset needs no work or it’s pointless? Tough love warning…you need it the most! - I was you, now I'm telling you the tough truth.

Productivity Hack #1

Do the mindset work and watch the “magic” happen. Here’s how I get my mindset work in. I used to just sit in my office, but then I’d get crazy distracted, so I started taking a walk while listening to a mindset podcast + doing daily affirmations.

What you hear, say, and do affects everything in your life. So today, I encourage you to do these 4 things and make it happen every day. It takes awhile to create a habit and muscle memory, but you’ll start to see the changes far sooner and you’ll want to continue…willingly!

Take a walk, listening to a podcast/book/or music, really listen to learn something new or simply get that satisfaction you’re on the right track. We all can benefit from mindset work. If you’re unhappy in your situation in life right now, work on your mindset right now by taking these steps.

Do something you don’t want to do + listening to a mindset talk + doing daily affirmations + grabbing an accountability partner!

Who needs a daily reminder to show up, do hard things, and get your mindset moving to a state of infinite growth! If that’s you, jump into these opportunities!

1. Join me in our community – Breaking Free with the Gaults – Marriage, communication, virtual assistant, business, work/life balance and so many things in between! 
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2. Sign up for daily texts – text “Daily Texts” to (419) 721-6037 – inspiration, motivation, hacks, and so much more!

3. Check out The Mindset Mentor (disclaimer, he does cuss in here, but otherwise he’s great! 
-Click here. 
4. Download Gratitude app for daily affirmations and journaling – reminds you daily so it’s easy to stay on top of it all!

You don’t have to do this alone, you don’t have to do it perfectly, you just have to be consistently trying.


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