I know I am not alone in this battle against procrastination. It seems like every time you get the ball rolling, someone, or something (enter social media) gets your attention, and your to-do list goes out the window. I've been trying to find ways that work for me, so here are three hacks I use when dealing with procrastination that are tried and true game changers.

1. Create a detailed list of to-dos. These are your projects essentially. Now break them down into smaller steps. Highlight your top 5, those are your tasks for the day.

2. Have a start and end time as well as breaks, to your workday and stick to it. This ensures you have time for things you love, your family, and any other priorities.

3. Only schedule work for 4 days of the week allowing the 5th day to be for catch up. Things rarely go as planned and this way you succeed far greater!

4. Use a project management tool to keep your projects organized with the steps needed to complete them. Then check them off!

5. Put your phone on silent during your workday only looking at it on breaks to see what you missed. This allows you to focus on the tasks at hand with a clearer mind.

Staying organized and saving time are essential for everyone, but especially for you. To allow any of these to work above, you have to ensure you have your priorities set for the week. So, what is extremely important that is a non-negotiable? That is a priority.

It’s not quite ready yet because I want to ensure it’s amazing for you. So, comment below if you’d like to have my project management template for your biz and your life to get you off to the right start! Don’t wait, you’ll be notified when it’s ready! 

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  1. Melissa Randolph  08/20/2021 04:29 PM Central
    Would love your time management template when it is ready.

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