I was terrified that I wasn’t going to be able to pay my bills, let alone put food on the table. We made just enough that we didn’t qualify for any assistance, we had 2 kids, donating blood plasma to have any “fun” money to just go out to eat occasionally. That meant we only focused on what produced income and the absolute necessities that come with having a family like paying rent and putting food on the table. Was that the life I wanted to live? Working 40+ hours a week – both of us! – and still struggling.
My fight isn’t with the wages here, it’s not with amount of work needed. It’s about our minds and how we revert to survival mode and completely miss any opportunities to better ourselves. It wasn’t until we hit rock bottom that we started to get incredibly resourceful.
Being in that place, not knowing which way is up, feeling the failure, judgement, and the extreme uncertainty. The worse part was having to ask for help, having to be vulnerable, having to risk being judged by the people we loved.
Knowing you need help and accepting help is different than asking for it. Many of us, me included, don’t like to ask for it. We like to figure it out ourselves, but I’ve learned that asking for help, asking for that life raft was a huge contributing factor to our lives now. Sure, you can Google everything! Heck, everything can be found on YouTube or social media in general.
I ask you this, how much of your precious time is it taking? How much time are you scrolling social or researching on Google? This was eye opening when someone first suggested this to me. Grab your phone, if you are on an *Android – Settings > Digital Wellbeing > Screen Time* *Apple – Settings > Screen Time > See All Activity* and see how often you are using your phone and where! This was mind blowing to me!


More than likely you just realized you’re on your phone or social for HOURS a day and more than likely just scrolling! You may be researching on Google or YouTube a lot too attempting to find all the free things that people have available to you but don’t always answer your questions because it’s not customized to you!
That’s the biggest issue, things need to be customizable to you and usually you waste a lot of time trying to find the right thing to try and customize with little real information. Is it time to invest in yourself, in your well-being, in your sanity!? It’s a small investment with a huge return. Do you want - let’s be real - need balance? It’s like the Casting Crowns song American Dream. Listen below.

Is your life, your balance built in the sand - is it not strong, is it easily damaged, and unpredictable!? Are you headed for rock bottom, maybe a mental breakdown!
This is my favorite question to answer, “But how is a work/life balance possible!?” I’m living proof, come join me in the Leading with Balance Workshop where we create and design a work/life balance you can be proud of. Join me here!


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