I've been a little MIA on this blog, like 3 months...

Let me explain why….

I have been implementing different routines, strategies, and reevaluating where I can serve you even more as an ADHD entrepreneur.

I've been researching even more about ADHD than I have ever in my life. Do you know what I've found!? A whole lot of potential answers to things I've struggled with myself.

I have said this whole time, I don't have ADHD, I'm not like my husband or son. I've worked with many ADHD entrepreneurs that are female and I don't struggle with prioritizing or getting the tech things completed...

However I work with ADHD entrepreneurs VERY WELL and understand them like it's natural. Well maybe it is...maybe I do have ADHD for many other reasons.

I struggle with remembering things when I'm supposed to. I've learned to cope by taking notes on my phone [there are sooo many], I've learned to put EVERYTHING in my calendar and set reminders so I know what's going on [instead of that horrible feeling of having no idea if you're busy or when that Christmas party is], completely working through a meal, losing track of time easily because [hyperfocus] maybe...

I can prioritize like a boss, I can manage my time with the tools I have available, I love what I do in my business so I can stay on task [for the most part]. You don’t necessarily have to have all the “traits” or symptoms to be ADHD.

What I didn’t realize so greatly is that women are incredibly good at coping, hiding, and implementing things that help them remember, that help them get through the day, these things are internalized so you don't necessarily see them on the outside.

I started researching ADHD couples and I saw those signs even more prevalent in my life. You can get things done on a deadline, but you procrastinate. For example, I can get my entire house cleaned in a day or 2 for a gathering. Within 2 days, a week maximum, it looks like it did before…. WHY!? This one has bothered me for what seems like forever. Cleaning doesn’t bring me joy, I don’t have any form of OCD, and I have learned to ignore it UNTIL it drives me up a wall, I then hyperfocus on a certain room, feel accomplished [even if it was only the kitchen] and call it a day. That room is trashed again soon after because I haven’t mastered it and neither has the rest of the family on how to keep it clean, how to help each other out. SO we have been implementing different routines, different chore charts, different ways to engage us into doing the tasks.

Consistency is HARD for people with ADHD and I’ve rarely been consistent my whole life. Like picking up a new “HOBBY,” buying the supplies, trying it for a week or so [if I’m lucky] and then either getting frustrated or bored. Either way, I leave it. Or staying consistent on social media, the thing ALL OF US struggle with, but ADHD even more because it needs to be consistent!

I see all of these things much more clearly. So clearly, I’m afraid to post this because then it’s out there. I love to say I support ADHD entrepreneurs even though I do not have ADHD, but have loved ones that do [more than likely, all self-diagnosed at this time.]

Today I am standing strong, voicing the things I have been struggling with, sharing the tips, ways to cope, and fully embracing what is more than likely true. It answers so many questions, it’s crazy.

I’ll finish with this, the biggest things I’ve learned throughout this last year especially is that ADHD is presented in a crazy different way in women and girls, it can be hereditary, it makes keeping a house clean super difficult, and forgetting A LOT is just part of everyday life. Oh, and excessive talking during tv shows, oversharing, and even being introverted are common.

The more I learn, the more I want to share because it’s been incredibly eye opening. I share even more over in my community when you’d like to join us! -click here.


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