Imagine an hour of no distractions, silence but knowing others are working with you, a goal of what you’re going to get done, and motivation to push through those tasks that have been on that to do list for ages.

Virtual coworking sessions can be incredibly beneficial for those with ADHD. Why you may ask - BODY DOUBLING! Do you work better when someone is in the room with you? That’s body doubling. I know I do this at home all the time. Someone has to be in the room cleaning with me to get things accomplished.

Body doubling in business can take place in person at a coworking space, but for those of us who decide that virtually is the only way for whatever reason, there’s hope. 

 I love coworking sessions so much, I’ve created a place where we have weekly virtual coworking sessions for free! 

A few benefits to joining in on a coworking session is the accountability. You set a goal at the beginning of a task(s) that you are going to complete. Usually I choose the ones that have been on my to do list for a hot minute. Ones that have a deadline nearing, or something that I simply cannot complete on my own for whatever reason.

Knowing others are also working on their business on the other side of the screen is enough to get your mind moving and motivated. PLUS when we schedule the coworking time, your body says it’s like you’re on a LIVE call with a client where you cannot be distracted so you shut off all notifications, tell the  family to leave you alone, lock the door, etc. Whatever it is you need to do to ensure you’re not distracted during your session. 

Then you knock out the tasks you set off to do. You can even ask questions during the sessions and see if anyone else is able to support you. It’s a mix of accountability, body doubling, and kick ass distraction free work time to work on YOUR BUSINESS!

All you have to do to get these free coworking sessions is hop into my free community especially for ADHD entrepreneurs! Once you’re in there, you’ll be directed to the coworking sessions and all the other things this community has to offer. Click below!

A little background on how these sessions work!


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