It's only 10am and I'm sitting at my desk feeling like the walls are closing in on me. My to-do list is doubling with each passing minute, my kids keep interrupting me, and my deadline feels a million miles away. I need to get these videos done so that we can get them in the course before lunch time but it seems like nothing is going right today.

The first video takes FOREVER to upload because of connection issues which just throws off the whole timeline for how long everything needs to be taking place for today. Finally, it works and I start editing (or trying anyways) but after about 5 minutes, I'm wishing someone would just do it for me. I want to post these videos ASAP but the content just isn't coming when it needs to and there's not enough time.
Have you had this happen to you? You're trying to do soooo many things at once, you're on a strict deadline, it's summer so things just got super crazy, and you're about ready to lose your mind!
First, I need to take a deep breath and calm down. Deep breaths will help me feel less frazzled so that I can focus on the task at hand instead of feeling overwhelmed by my never-ending list of things to do. Next, I try to prioritize what needs to happen first because sometimes just knowing where to start is hard enough.
I think it's also a great thing for getting through the day if you remember why you're doing everything - are you trying to get ahead before going out for the evening? Are you trying not to give into the pressure you've been feeling all week? Sometimes we are just simply too hard on ourselves.
Now, I take another deep breath and start tackling one thing at a time. First, I check up on the kids because they're making too much noise for them not to be causing trouble (I think). Once things settle down in the other room, I go back to editing videos but just as soon as they upload halfway without any issues, there suddenly is no connection! Undeterred by these setbacks though, I know how important it is for us - my family and our business - that we continue to go on.
If you've been feeling overwhelmed with too many tasks, kids who are home for the summer, or are stressed to the max; it may be time for a change. Maybe that virtual assistant is just what you need? Take some deep breaths and give us a call because we can help! We have an expert team of virtual assistants ready to take on your business tasks so you're free from all the daily hassles and stressors. You deserve this break - don't wait any longer!


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