It's a common misconception that ADHD is an excuse for being lazy or not following through on commitments.
In fact, many people with ADHD have a harder time managing their time and staying organized than the average person. Even if they try to stay organized, it can be difficult because of misplacing things easily or forgetting about tasks until the last minute. And those are just some of the obstacles that come from having ADHD!

Read on to explore how you can learn time management skills as someone with ADHD so you don't continue struggling unnecessarily.

Time management is the secret to success. It's easy for many of us, but it seems like a daunting task when you first start thinking about how much there is in this world and all its little distractions that can take up your day if left unchecked especially if you’re an entrepreneur with ADHD. Am I right!?

We all know the importance of managing our time. Minute-to-minute, hour to hour and day by day; with every passing second that tick away from us it's just becoming more apparent how quickly life goes by! So why not make an effort today? If you are feeling overwhelmed at work or in your personal endeavors then maybe it’s because there is too much going on for one person. Eliminate what you can, outsource things you cannot, and do the following to figure these things out.

The best way to get a handle on your time is by keeping track of how long you think tasks will take and then how long it actually takes you. You may come to the realization that the main reason you’re bad with time management is simply because things are realistically taking you longer than you think they will so you create a to-do list that is unrealistic for you to complete.

Things that can affect your ability to manage your time well…
1. Not having clear goals, priorities and deadlines.
2. Huge procrastinator.
3. Not having a clean, organized work area.
4. Multi-tasking when it’s not necessary.
5. Overwhelmed by all the tasks.

Time management is an important part of being a successful entrepreneur. 
To make sure you’re getting the most out of every day, it's important to develop good time management skills and learn how they work for your individual needs. This article has provided some tips on things that can affect your ability to manage your time well as well as things that can affect your ability to manage your time well. If these ideas have piqued your interest, grab my Entrepreneur Bundle and get even more hacks on managing your time with grace!


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